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None of which even matters all that much anymore, because we also all know what the Left really wants. The few left among them who are well-meaning but hopelessly, stupidly wrong are rendered irrelevant by the vast majority who harbor nefarious designs on Constitutional liberty. From here on out they need to be slammed down immediately, as hard as possible, each and every time they propose ANY new “gun-control” measures. As Schlichter proposes, they need to be informed, beyond any possibility of doubt, that we will give them not one more inch. This far, no fucking farther.

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I have no excuse besides work -- I was so inundated that I felt like if I even took a minute out to check on TalkLeft, it would turn into hours (as it so often does) and I'd fall hopelessly behind.The deluge of deadlines ended today.

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And the left doesn’t hate guns either. In fact, the progressives fully intend to be the only group left with any guns. That should turn out great for us.

To be left out in the cold means to be ignored, forgotten and neglected

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Yep. Just as I’ve said repeatedly about Trump, when all is said and done we’re left in the same place: it ain’t so much Trump they hate, and pretty much the same with guns. It’s US. I mean, how could they not? We obstinately persist in committing what for them is the one truly unpardonable sin: we resist them.

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But avoiding civil war on this basis is inconceivable now because the Left believes it has the right, duty, and power to force universal adherence to its dictates’ utmost details. Nor can surrender purchase peace, because the Left’s dictates do not and cannot have a final form. Endlessly evolving, they are less about what is being imposed on America than about inflicting righteous punishment on inferiors—the appetite and power for which increase with every success.

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At the same time, though, marching off without demur into the Orwellian nightmare the Left intends for us is not what I’d call any day at the beach either—and the thought of my daughter being trained into slipping into her assigned spot in that macabre machine without a moment’s thought, care, or even awareness freezes my blood.

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A cultural critique is very different than a common sense solution. It isn’t guns that the left wants to ban. It’s people. It was never really about banning guns. It was always about the culture war.

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Nonetheless: we all already know that not one of the thousands of laws already on the books has ever prevented a mass murder. We know that one more law isn’t going to somehow magically do the trick. We know that almost all of what the Left screams about regarding guns in America is arrant bullshit—sinister fabrication when it isn’t ignorant tripe, stuff and nonsense when it isn’t outright deceitful. Their facts aren’t facts, their statistics are spurious, and their proposals will not accomplish what they claim are their goals…which aren’t their real goals anyway.

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I’m done with leftist, gun grabbing trash that is incapable of conversation about policy without emotionalist histrionics, and whose first reaction to anyone who doesn’t toe the gun-grabber line is to insult their lineage and intelligence.