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Anxiety is a sense of fear and worry, and it is not uncommon among students with language-based learning disabilities. This anxiety stems from a fear of not being able to keep up with peers, as well as feeling different and worrying about the future. And studies have shown consistently that when people experience high levels of anxiety, their working memory capacity suffers. Here are some effective strategies for reducing anxiety in the classroom � including rituals and routines, memory aids, and assistive technology.

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NTI offers an in depth, intensive learning experience around the Pyramid Model framework for addressing the social and emotional development and challenging behavior of young children.

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Get 50+ classroom-ready tools to easily implement the effective teaching strategies from our bestselling book, (2012). Each tool includes a summary of its research-based benefits, implementation guidance and examples, and a “Teacher Talk” section with lesson planning tips. Turn your classroom into a place where high levels of engagement and deep learning happen every day!

These slides were prepared for Massey University students who will be writing reflective journals about their learning experiences overseas.
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