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The program provides participants with a supportive environment in which to build on their existing strengths, to experiment with different leadership styles, and to acquire and practise new skills. The principles of adult learning are incorporated into the teaching strategies and approaches. They include presentation of material by the instructors, small-group and large-group discussions and exercises, spontaneous large-group discussions, and practicums to be undertaken by participants between sessions as well as post-program.

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Before the course, both participants and their managers completed an online assessment to provide baseline data about the nurses' leadership skills and styles. After the course, participants and managers completed the same assessments again so that change as a result of the course could be measured. (The striking results are presented in .) The course was also preceded by a Managers' Education Day so that those to whom the nurses reported would have an understanding of what their staff were being taught and what changes in leadership style were being sought. Managers were also advised on how to support their nurses in using their new skills and how to provide assistance with their practicum work. The overarching themes of team-building, time management and conflict resolution were woven throughout the curriculum, which focused on the following leadership skills: human relations, communication, perception, effective questioning, reflection and abstraction. The program was structured to achieve the learning objectives ().

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Nurses working in the long-term care (LTC) sector face unique workplace stresses, demands and circumstances. Designing approaches to leadership training and other supportive human-resource strategies that reflect the demands of the LTC setting fosters a positive work life for nurses by providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead the care team and to address resident and family issues.

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