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Participants completed prototypicality ratings of psychopathic traits, including 3 items created to tap components of boldness (Socially bold, Adventurous, Emotionally stable), and they also rated a series of attitudinal statements (e.g., perceived correlates of being psychopathic, moral judgments about psychopaths).


It consequently understands man and woman as radically equal, and inherently social.

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Med School” blogs, to more substantive law and science pairings including interdisciplinary “Law and Neuroscience” research efforts and various “Law and Science” periodicals.

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Given the already-existing utilization of (and attempts to use) neuroscience evidence for various legal purposes in jurisdictions throughout the United States, one can expect Louisiana to encounter more lawyers offering such evidence shortly.

A society’s capacity for emotion may even influence the evolution of social norms—and thus the law.

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She suggests that courts evaluate the hard science aspects of neuroimaging evidence under established doctrine, and evaluate the soft science evidence under a social science framework.

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In tandem with this discussion, the paper also explores the National Environmental Policy Act - the leading secular statement of environmental goals in American law.

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In this Article, I explore the ways in which neuroscience impacts a range of health, disability, and benefit law issues, including the scope of public and private health insurance benefits (Part II), the mental health parity debate (Part III), protected status under federal and state disability law (Part IV), and the distribution of benefits under social security and other benefit programs (Part V).

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It will then explore in more depth three obstacles that have been barriers to a greater role for Catholic social thought in American legal and political discourse.

The better those understandings, the better law can achieve social goals with legal tools.

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However, to ensure a healthy delivery of rehabilitation in the 21st Century criminal justice system in America, we must rethink the substance and delivery of rehabilitation in a way that is best captured by David Wexler’s metaphor of “Pouring New Wine into New Bottles.” The new wine represents evidence-based intervention strategies that draw on social ecological theories of human behavior to not only understand the social, psychological and biological drivers of crime, but to identify intervention strategies that are effective in preventing crime and reducing recidivism.

Catholic Social Teaching, 2 Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics and Public Policy 15-25 (1985).


The study and teaching of law provides an ideal context in which to reflect on the lawyer’s role in “breaking down the barriers that obstruct God’s kingdom of justice and peace.” The years of law school study provide the student with a special opportunity not only to learn the law, but to discover how the law is enriched by an understanding of the Church’s social message.

In what manner does the Catholic health apostolate impact American society and law?

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The book also attempts to help tomorrow’s leaders understand the importance of having a strong moral foundation in today's society and in the workplace.