Fairy Houses Festival – Latta Plantation, Huntersville NC

Watson House (Rockingham) RH0055 9/22/1983

Asbury Methodist Church (Raynham) RB0536 4/30/2009
Ashpole Presbyterian Church (Rowland vicinity) RB0131 10/19/1982
Baker Sanatorium (Lumberton) RB0480 10/8/1998
Luther Henry Caldwell House (Lumberton) RB0001 9/18/1978
Carolina Theatre (Lumberton) RB0144 7/9/1981
Centenary Methodist Church (Rowland) RB0530 4/10/2007
Fairmont Commercial Historic District (Fairmont) RB0540 4/7/2010
Humphrey-Williams House (Lumberton vicinity) RB0002 7/24/1973
Humphrey-Williams Plantation (Lumberton vicinity) RB0647 11/16/1988
Lumberton Commercial Historic District (Lumberton) RB0476 12/21/1989
Flora MacDonald College (Red Springs) RB0003 4/3/1976
Maxton Historic District (Maxton) RB0484 2/12/1999
Kenneth McKinnon House (St.

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LATTA EQUESTRIAN CENTER - Huntersville, NC. Come Ride With Us!. Leave Blank
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The Latta Stone House | A stop on the underground railroad?

Kilgo House (Charlotte) MK0160 1/22/2009
Latta Arcade (Charlotte) MK0013 10/29/1975
Latta House (Huntersville vicinity) MK0014 3/16/1972
Elizabeth Lawrence House and Garden (Charlotte) MK2718 9/14/2006
Liddell-McNinch House (Charlotte) MK0015 12/12/1976
Louise Cotton Mill (Charlotte) MK1857 12/31/2013
Matthews Commercial Historic District (Matthews) MK1417 8/22/1996
Mayes House (Charlotte) MK1765 8/5/1993
Albert McCoy Farm (Huntersville) MK1510 11/2/2000
Samuel J.

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Vann House (Franklinton) FK0290 1/9/2008
Vine Hill (Centerville vicinity) FK0022 5/28/1975
Thomas and Lois Wheless House (Louisburg) FK0551 8/28/2007
Williamson House (Louisburg) FK0023 6/20/1975

(former) Beam's Shell Service Station and Office (Cherryville) GS0032 10/17/1997
Belmont Abbey Cathedral (Belmont) GS0001 4/11/1973
Belmont Abbey Historic District (Belmont) GS0020 7/14/1993
Belmont Historic District (Belmont) GS0024 12/27/1996
Belmont Hosiery Mill (Gone) (Belmont) GS0471 9/16/2002
Bessemer City Downtown Historic District (Bessemer City) GS1572 5/19/2014
Andrew Carpenter House (Lucia vicinity) GS0013 3/17/1983
Central School (Bessemer City) GS0933 1/9/2008
Cherryville Downtown Historic District (Cherryville) GS1629 8/17/2016
City Hospital - Gaston Memorial Hospital (Gastonia) GS1539 12/7/2011
Craig Farmstead (Southpoint Township) GS0320 4/19/2006
Dallas Graded and High School (Dallas) GS0469 5/2/2002
Dallas Historic District (Dallas) GS0002 7/26/1973
Downtown Gastonia Historic District (Gastonia) GS1093 1/6/2004
Downtown Mount Holly Historic District (Mount Holly) GS0301 4/24/2012
First National Bank Building (Gastonia) GS0015 2/20/1986
Gaston County Courthouse (Gastonia) GS0003 5/10/1979
Gastonia High School (Gastonia) GS0014 3/17/1983
Eli Hoyle House (Dallas vicinity) GS0110 12/17/1998
Peter Hoyle House (Dallas vicinity) GS0022 10/21/1993
David Jenkins House (Gone) (Gastonia) GS0004 2/17/1978
Loray Mill Historic District (Gastonia) GS0503 10/19/2001
Loray Mill Historic District Boundary Increase (Gastonia) GS0594 4/5/2006
Mayworth School (Cramerton) GS1076 9/16/2002
McAdenville Historic District (McAdenville) GS0428 2/5/2009
Mount Holly Cotton Mill (Mount Holly) GS0007 8/1/1996
Robinson-Gardner Building (Gastonia) GS0405 4/9/1999
Saint Joseph's Catholic Church (Mountain Island vicinity) GS0005 6/7/1979
Seaboard Air Line Railway Depot (Cherryville) GS0409 12/20/2016
Third National Bank Building (Gastonia) GS0016 2/20/1986
(former) United States Post Office (Belmont) GS0030 11/29/1995
William Joseph Wilson House (Crowder's Creek Community) GS0006 10/14/1976
York-Chester Historic District (Gastonia) GS1091 9/1/2005

Buckland (Buckland) GA0005 3/5/1986
Elmwood Plantation (Gatesville vicinity) GA0001 2/1/1972
Eure-Roberts House (Gatesville) GA0374 9/20/2006
Joseph Freeman House (Reynoldson vicinity) GA0361 11/12/1999
Freeman House (The Stateline House) (Gates vicinity) GA0003 9/23/1982
(former) Gates County Courthouse (Gatesville) GA0002 10/22/1976
Reid's Grove School (Gatesville) GA0276 8/30/2011
Roberts-Carter House (Gone) (Gatesville vicinity) GA0004 3/1/1984
Rountree Family Farm (Gates vicinity) GA0294 8/2/2000
Sunbury High School (Sunbury) GA0318 5/12/2009

Cheoah Hydroelectric Development (Tapoco vicinity) GH0047 5/21/2004
Fontana Hydroelectric Project (TVA) GH0058 8/11/2017
Charles Noden George House (Talulah Creek vicinity) GH0001 4/5/1984
Graham County Courthouse (Robbinsville) GH0039 8/28/2007
Santeetlah Hydroelectric Development (Robbinsville vicinity) GH0062 5/21/2004
Snowbird Mountain Lodge (Robbinsville vicinity) GH0002 9/2/1993
Tapoco Lodge Historic District (Robbinsville vicinity) GH0056 5/21/2004

Abrams Plains (Stovall vicinity) GV0003 11/29/1979
Adoniram Masonic Lodge (Oxford vicinity) GV0101 8/31/1988
Allen-Mangum House (Grissom vicinity) GV0505 4/28/1988
Rufus Amis House and Mill (Virgilina vicinity) GV0058 4/28/1988
Rufus Amis House and Mill (Virgilina vicinity) GV0058 4/28/1988
Rufus Amis House and Mill Boundary Amendment (Virgilina vicinity) GV0059 6/24/1993
James Blackwell House (Cornwall vicinity) GV0106 4/28/1988
Bobbitt-Rogers House and Tobacco Manufactory District (Wilton vicinity) GV0473 8/31/1988
Brassfield Baptist Church (Wilton vicinity) GV0501 8/31/1988
Brookland (Grassy Creek vicinity) GV0017 4/28/1988
Central Orphanage (Oxford) GV0354 8/31/1988
Edgewood (Grassy Creek vicinity) GV0032 4/28/1988
William Ellixson House (Wilbourns vicinity) GV0078 4/28/1988
Elmwood (Lewis vicinity) GV0145 4/28/1988
(former) First National Bank Building (Creedmoor) GV0522 8/31/1988
James W.

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Blakeney House (Providence vicinity) MK1219 6/18/1998
Philip Carey Building (Charlotte) MK0045 3/1/1984
(former) Carolina School Supply Building (Charlotte) MK2655 4/12/2001
(former) Carolina Transfer and Storage Company Building (Charlotte) MK1852 11/30/1999
John Price Carr House (Charlotte) MK0023 10/22/1980
Cedar Grove Plantation (Huntersville vicinity) MK0004 2/1/1972
(former) Charlotte Coca-Cola Bottling Plant (Charlotte) MK1819 2/26/1998
Charlotte Fire Station No.

North Carolina Listings in the National Register

Outen Potter (Matthews) MK3151 4/24/2015
Overcarsh House (Charlotte) MK0076 7/21/1983
Palmer Fire School (Charlotte) MK0147 8/25/2004
(former) Parks-Cramer Company Complex (Charlotte) MK1766 3/7/1994
Pharrsdale Historic District (Charlotte) MK1904 2/20/2002
Philanthropic Hall (Davidson College) (Davidson) MK0017 4/13/1972
Pineville Commercial Historic District (Pineville) MK2934 8/5/2011
Pineville Mill Village Historic District (Pineville) MK1252 8/8/2011
Potts Plantation (Cornelius vicinity) MK1296 1/5/1998
Providence Presbyterian Church and Cemetery (Matthews vicinity) MK0026 6/1/1982
Ramah Presbyterian Church and Cemetery (Huntersville vicinity) MK1297 2/21/1991
Robinson Rock House Ruin and Plantation Site (Archaeology) (Charlotte) MK1890 1/22/2009
Rosedale (Charlotte) MK0019 9/11/1972
Edward M.

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