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It's clear from the above (as well as an analysis of a much larger corpus of Guccifer's words that I have compiled - see below) that he habitually uses definite articles, even when communicating in a live chat with Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai of Vice's Motherboard, he rarely fails to include them. - The amount of instances where his definite and indefinite articles are correctly used (when they are used) is around 96%. - In other words, while he mangles English language selectively, he doesn't do it in a way that is consistent or in the way that is expected from those whose native language is one lacking definite and indefinite articles (such as is true with Russian language).

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The corpus/language analyses carried out also show Guccifer 2.0's communications lacks a subtle trait that appears to be present in Flood's writing elsewhere. It seems that it was likely somebody else taking care of communicating and likely managing the overall operation.

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An earlier analysis by the Boston Globe used the Flesch-Kincaid readability test, which is based on average sentence length and average number of syllables per word, and found Trump speaking at a 4th grade level, two grade levels below his peers. Eskenazi and Schumacher used a readability model called REAP, which looks at how often words and grammatical constructs are used at each grade level and thus corresponds better to analysis of spoken language.

It is through analyzinglanguage’s illusive power that the philosopher can expose the traps ofmeaningless philosophical formulations.
Discourse analysis is sometimes defined as the analysis of language 'beyond the sentence'

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The move from therealm of logic to that of ordinary language as the center of thephilosopher’s attention; from an emphasis on definition and analysisto ‘family resemblance’ and ‘language-games’;and from systematic philosophical writing to an aphoristicstyle—all have to do with this transition towards anti-dogmatismin its extreme.

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