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Well-designed, well-planned communities attract jobs and investment. Ontario’s land use planning system gives municipalities the major role in planning decisions. The ministry identifies and protects provincial interests, and promotes sound infrastructure planning, environmental protection, economic development and safe communities.

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Like all Haudenosaunee settlements, the Seneca villages were abandoned after about 20 years, to allow the land and game to replenish. Both Ganatsekwyagon and Teiaiagon were also vulnerable to attack by the French during the so-called “beaver wars” of the late 17th century, which may have caused the Haudenosaunee to relocate back to their original homelands in New York State.

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Toward the end of the 17th century, Algonquian speakers from central and northern Ontario replaced the Senecas in the Toronto area. Some of these Anishinabek came to be known as the Mississaugas, because they came from the area of the Mississagi River on the north shore of Lake Huron.

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An ecologically based plan established by the Ontario government to provide land use and resource management direction for the 190,000 hectares of land and water within the Moraine.

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The Provincial Policy Statement provides direction on matters of provincial interest related to land use planning and and promotes the provincial “policy-led” planning system.

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South-central Ontario has a complex history. There is evidence that people lived in the area 11,000 years ago, when downtown Toronto was under the water of Lake Iroquois, Davenport Road was the shoreline, and mammoths and mastodons were the game of choice. Between 7,000 and 2,000 years ago, the shoreline began to look like the one we know today, including the Scarborough Bluffs and the Toronto Islands. At some point, Indigenous people began using the Toronto Passage – the Humber and Rouge rivers – as a shortcut between Lake Ontario and Georgian Bay. It was a vital link in the trade route that ran from the Gulf of Mexico to Lake Superior.

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The history of Canada does not begin with the arrival of Europeans or with land agreements signed with Europeans. By prioritizing that narrative, we commit the grave error of superimposing a Eurocentric frame of reference on what is included, not included, and valued in the discussion. The history of Toronto is much longer than 300 years.

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Ontarians have told us they want healthy, sustainable and vibrant communities that are well designed to meet people’s needs for daily living throughout an entire lifetime. To achieve that goal, we need to develop dynamic communities that provide convenient access to an appropriate mix of jobs, services, public facilities and a full range of housing to accommodate a range of incomes and household sizes, while also preserving and protecting green spaces, farmland and ecologically sensitive lands and waters.

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The government has also made to address mapping accuracy, align with municipal official plans and existing urban boundaries, and respond to landowner requests. The Niagara Escarpment Plan land use designation maps have also been updated to refine boundaries using the latest land data and improved Geographic Information Systems.