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We are environmentally conscious and value biodiversity, working with mother nature to keep the land abundant and the animals happy and healthy. This is accomplished by using a variety of techniques, including protecting creeks with cattle crossings, utilizing electric fence that can be reconfigured in response to changing conditions, planting native species on creek banks, and carefully monitoring grazing to prevent overuse.

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Our cattle are on pasture year-round. In the spring they are on upland pasture; in the summer and fall they graze Sudangrass grown on our farm; and in the winter dry pasture is supplemented with hay, which is also grown on our farm. We use no hormones or antibiotics, and we do not feed any grain.

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Silvies Valley Ranch believes livestock ranching can be paired with abundant, healthy wildlife to set the standard for the nation in best ranching and environmental practices.

Three families with pioneer roots own and manage the farm. The ranch is over130,000 acres of deeded and leased national forest and BLM lands in and surroundingSilvies Valley, nestled in the Blue Mountains of eastern Oregon. The size ofthe property allows for a minimum of 100 acres per head of cattle. Our ranchis Food Alliance certified.

Our line of heritage cattle is a mix of Red Angus and Hereford bred to go tomarket at a weight of less than 900 pounds. This yields tastier smaller cutsand is easier on the riparian meadows where they are bred and raised. We neveruse antibiotics or hormones and our cattle are 100% free from corn, grain andalfalfa. Our choice to take our cattle at the yearling age of 12-16 months producessmaller, tender cuts that distinguish our beef.

Their diet consists solely of native meadow and Silvies Valley hay. This includes12 varieties of naturally irrigated grasses, seven species of clover and over100 varieties of wild flowers. This produces tender lean meat with a higher proportionof good fats and proteins.

Our beef is solely processed and distributed by Nicky USA, Inc. in Portland,Oregon. April through December our beef is available fresh, the remainder ofthe year we provide frozen options. We offer all cuts vacuum packed or up tofull quarters cut to your specifications. Our beef is available for pick up ordirect shipping.

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Red Briar Farms is a small, family owned cattle farm in the foothills of the Cheaha Mountains

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18/2002, if all the compost produced is used on the farm; soil sampling and testing of soil from the farm; the construction, maintenance and operation of farm buildings including, but not limited to, any of the following: a greenhouse; a farm building or structure for use in an intensive livestock operation or for mushroom production; an aquaculture facility; the production of marihuana in accordance with the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, SOR/2013-119 (Canada); a farm use by a person other than the owner of the farm under a lease of the farm or part of the farm, if a condition of the lease is that the leased land be used only for one or more farm uses.An alcohol production facility, and ancillary uses, are designated as farm uses for the purposes of the Act if at least 50% of the primary farm product used to make the alcohol product produced each year is grown on the farm on which the alcohol production facility is located, or the farm on which the alcohol production facility is located is more than 2 ha in area and at least 50% of the primary farm product used to make the alcohol product produced each year is grown on the farm, or both on the farm and on another farm located in British Columbia that provides that primary farm product to the alcohol production facility under a contract having a term of at least 3 years.Despite the repeal of subsection (2) (b) and the enactment of subsection (2.1), a winery or cidery and ancillary uses continue to be designated as farm uses for the purposes of the Act if the winery or cidery was licensed to produce wine or cider under the , R.S.B.C.

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As well as potentially proving dangerous for riders and other users, unauthorised trails present a liability for businesses and landowners who are duty-bound to risk assess the trail and develop a management strategy, which could involve removing any inappropriately dangerous obstacles from their land once discovered. Without following a due process landowners or managers could face the risk of being held liable should an accident occur. Building trails, even if it is only using hand tools, is not covered in either the Land Reform Act or the Scottish Outdoor Access Code – and cannot be considered as responsible access.

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It is not with the English people that the Irish people have causeof quarrel. It is with the system that oppresses both. That is thething to denounce; that is the thing to fight. And it is to be foughtmost effectually by uniting the masses against it. Monarchy,aristocracy, landlordism, would get but a new lease of life by thearousing of sectional passions. The greatest blow that could bestruck against them would be, scrupulously avoiding everything thatcould excite antagonistic popular feeling, to carry this landagitation into Great Britain, not as a mere Irish question, but as ahome question as well. To proclaim the universal truth that land isof natural right common property; to abandon all timid and half-wayschemes which attempt to compromise between justice and injustice,and to demand nothing more nor less than a full recognition of thisnatural right would be to do this. It would inevitably be to put theBritish masses upon inquiry; to put British landholders upon thedefensive, and give them more than enough to do at home. Both Englandand Scotland are ripe for such an agitation, and, once fairly begun,it can have but one result – the victory of the popular cause.