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The county seat, is 2 miles from a station of that name on the Pope's Creek branch of the B. & P. R R., and 4 miles from Chappell's Point on the Potomac River. The situation is near the head of Port Tobacco Creek, a small stream that makes up from the river. Port Tobacco contains the usual number of county buildings. A canal has been dug to drain the marshy ground in the vicinity, and if kept properly cleaned would add much to the health of the town. Climate is mild, and the crops are generally good. Land is fertile, mostly cleared, and is capable of improvement; can be bought at from $5 to $50 per acre, according to location and improvements. Produces 12 bus. wheat, 15 oats, 150 potatoes, 30 to 40 corn, 800 to 1,200 lbs. tobacco, and 1 ton hay. The churches and schools are ample for the accommodation of the inhabitants. Crescentia Grange 57, P. of H., M. Chapman, Master; Wm. Boswell, Secretary. Population 200. Miss Kannie Welch, Postmistress.

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The Maryland Directory — 1878 - New River

Excepting Virginia City, Nevada, Frostburg probably lies higher above tide than any town of equal size in the United States. This altitude affords a view in all directions, rarely excelled for beauty and sublimity anywhere. Eastward, Dan's Mountain running northward, breaks off into a defile traversed by the National Pike and Eckbart Branch of the Cumberland & Pennsylvania Railroad. Here nestles the picturesque town of Eckhart, 1 Ç miles from Frostburg, with 1,000 inhabitants. Southward, the great George's Creek Valley, flanked on the left by Dan's Mountain, and on the right by the Big Savage, stretches seventeen miles away to the Potomac. Traversed by the Cumberland & Pennsylvania Railroad and George's Creek, both of which are fronted with dwellings, make nearly a continuous town the entire way. Aside from its material significance, the tourist cannot fail to be impresseed with the scene; every element of nature and handiwork of man being present to lend grandeur and diversity to the prospect. On the west, the rugged precipitous sides of the Great Savage stand like a bulwark, as it is, against the storms of winter. Continuing northward, the mountain maintains its altitude, breaking off to the right in hills and gentle declivities, until the bed of Jennings' Run is reached. Here another valley opens to view, quite as rich in landscape perspective as the George's Creek. To the right a ridge rises diversified with fertile farms and umbrageous groves all the way over until we reach Eckhart, our starting point.

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Is 9 miles from Smithsburg, Washington County, which is on the W. Md. R. R, and near Catoctin Creek. Climate, changeable, but healthy. Land is a clay and dark loam formation; sells at $60 per acre, produces 15 bus wheat, 50 oats, 100 potatoes, 50 corn, and 1 1/2 tons hay. Churches and schools near. Population 100. Thos. F. Bittie, Postmaster

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Spencer, LaVyrle, BITTER SWEET Spencer, LaVyrle, THE FULFILLMENT

Higgins, John S
Prettyman, E D
General Merchandise and Grocers.
Cooper, S S
Attorneys at Law.
Anderson, & Bouic
Anderson, James W
Brewer & Brewer
Dawson, James
England, John G
Jones, Spencer C
Peter & Henderson
Peier, John F
Talbott, Hattersly W
Boswell, James W
Chrismond, Wm
Blacksmlths and Wheelwrights.
Bagley, B A
Buxton, James F
Green, M
Haney, Benj
Moulden, Eli
Mulfinger, John P
McFaul, S H
Warthen, L
Carpenters and Undertakers.
Cator, Geo F
Edmondson, John
Haney, Joseph M
Pumphrey, Wm R
Graff, James W
Miller, John H
Mannakee, F. H
Owens, D F
General Merchandise and Grocers
Blays, James P
Bouic, D H
England, John G Jr
Higgins, S D & Son
Lyddane, S B
Mulfinger, Mrs Mary M
Offutt, N D
Shekell, Richard A
Kircher, David
Montgomery, M A Almony
Union, Francis Kleindienst
Justices of the Peace.
Blays, James P
Bouic, David H
Livery Stables.
Poss, S
Rabbitt, W H
Dwyer, Henry
Viers, E & Bro
Millinery and Dressmaking.
Campbell, Misses
Cator, Mrs Geo F
Miller, Mrs John R
Maddox, Chas S
Sommers, A A
Stonestreet, E F
Johnson, Robert H
Sadtler, Louis
Steele, John A
Morgan, Mordecai
Viett, Henry
Viett, Louis S
Watches and Jewelry
Ansley, Henry
Wines and Liquors
Mullican, S. T.
Rabbitt, Joseph R.
Rabbitt, Wm. H.

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