Do Kurds Have the Right to Self-Determination and/or Secession

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Kurds: Subjugated, the struggle for self-determination

The Kurdish ‘Spring’: A long journey toward self-determination

What do the Kurds mean by "self-determination"? - BBC News

Since mid-December 2015, the Turkish military has intensified its campaign against PKK separatist militants, focusing on those towns and cities in predominantly Kurdish south-eastern Turkey that declared "self-determination". But what do the Kurds mean by self-determination and do all Kurdish people want the same thing?

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Some of the Kurdish groups sought self-determination and the confirmation of ..

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state for cultural and political rights and self-determination for the Kurds

What do the Kurds mean by "self-determination"? - …

Rather than establish a process to negotiate Kurdish separation, self-determination or autonomy, ..

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