Kurdish conflict out of its borders.

I argue that if the reflection of the Kurdish conflict occurs in Norway, this should be seen in the relationship of Kurdish and Turkish population in Norway.

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To understand the nature of this relationship, conflict reso/ution theories will be used.

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As it is pointed out above, the internal security of some European countries is already under threat of the relationship between Kurds and Turks living in those countries.

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So, my question is;"How is the Kurdish Conflict in Turkey reflected in the relationship between Kurds and Turks living in Norway'The eim of the study is to stred light to the relationship between Kurds and Turks living in Norway and to analyse if the Kurdish conflict in Turkey reflects itself on Norway.

Neither the number of the Kurds and Turks are that teig nor the nature of situation includes that much violence when you make a simple comparison.
To fulfill the tasks of my thesis, the analysis of the relationship between Kurds and Turks will be the starting point.

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This conflict is defined by PKK as a war of freedom and independence and by the state in Turkey as an anti-terrorist struggle to preserve the security of the citizens in the region.

2007 July - Human Rights Watch gives details of torture and abuse in prisons run by the Kurds in the Kurdish area of northern Iraq.

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Hence, the reflection of the Kurdish conflict can show itself in a conflictual relationship between Kurds and Turks in Norway that depends on the situation in Turkey.

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1991 March - After the expulsion of Iraqi troops from Kuwait in March 1991, members of the pro-government Kurdish militia, the Jash, defect to the KDP and PUK, but the uprising grinds to a halt and US-led forces refuse to intervene to support the rebels. Around 1.5 millions Kurds flee before the Iraqi onslaught, but Turkey closes the border forcing hundreds of thousands to seek refuge in the mountains.