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For instance, I feel that the kind of deliberate, phlegmatic and therefore more psychologically complex characterizations of the better Japanese novels are sometimes diluted in Korean adaptations.I confess that when I first approached , based on Miyabe Miyuki's novel (Its title, , carried over to the Korean moniker, makes little sense in the latter context: it has been translated into English, by the way, in 1999 as ), I had trepidations about its potential mishandling of the protagonist, as well as insertion of "humanistic (or anti-capitalist?)" agenda as understood by some Koreans, that often in subtance results in cranking up melodramatic effects.

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The Rev. , the Korean evangelist, businessman and self-proclaimed messiah who built a religious movement notable for its mass weddings, fresh-faced proselytizers and links to vast commercial interests, died on Monday in Gapyeong, . He was 92.

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Korean director Hur Jin-ho and star Jang Dong-gun also were invited to Directors Fortnight with the Chinese language film .Looking ahead to the rest of the year, Choi Dong-hoon's , firefighting drama and starring Rain will hope to reverse the recent poor performances of big-budget films at the box office.

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Korean people today seem to prefer clothes inspired by modern Western styles to their traditional clothes, although some people still insist on wearing the latter on traditional holidays or for special family occasions such as weddings.

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Mr. Moon and his church largely dropped from public view in the late ’90s and 2000s, but once in a while they attracted attention. In 2001, a Roman Catholic archbishop from , Emmanuel Milingo, married a Korean woman in a multiple wedding performed by Mr. Moon. The a.

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These characters don't just seem out of place in the Cheonggyecheon industrial slums, they're so alien to their milieu that they may as well have dropped out of the sky as visitors from the Planet Allegory. mashes up psychological realism and formalist experimentation, showing this combination to be the best recipe for what's become known as "extreme cinema." Though Kim hasn't usually been included in the group of Korean whose work connotes innovative genre-bending, his turn to the revenge thriller lends itself to a fruitful comparison with Bong Joon-ho's (2009).

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Unfortunately, what the latter gradually uncovers is more disturbing news: that Cha Kyung-seon was her assumed identity, and that she may harbor some seriously dark secrets.One of the less commented-on phenomena in relation to the Korean genre cinema in recent years is the latter's increasing reliance on Japanese-language sources, especially novels.

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For a time Mr. Moon lived in an 18-acre compound in Irvington, N.Y., which Ms. Hong described as having a ballroom, two dining rooms (one with a pond and waterfall), a kitchen with six pizza ovens and a bowling alley upstairs. The church owned another estate, Belvedere, in nearby Tarrytown. Farther north along the Hudson River, the church founded the Unification Theological Seminary in Barrytown, N.Y. On its Web site, it sometimes is referred to as “U.T.S.: The Interfaith Seminary.” Mr. Moon’s business ventures in South Korea at one time or another included construction, hospitals, schools, resorts, newspapers, auto parts, , beverages and a professional soccer team. He also had commercial interests in Japan, where right-wing nationalist donors were said to be one source of financing.