[195] If a son strike his father, hishands shall be hewn off.

[265] If a herdsman, to whose care cattleor sheep have been entrusted, be guilty of fraud and make false returnsof the natural increase, or sell them for money, then shall he be convictedand pay the owner ten times the loss.

[197] If he break another man's bone,his bone shall be broken.

[14] If any one steal the minor son ofanother, he shall be put to death.
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[208] If he was a freed man, he shallpay one-third of a mina.

[233] If a builder build a house forsome one, even though he has not yet completed it; if then the walls seemtoppling, the builder must make the walls solid from his own means.

[210] If the woman die, his daughtershall be put to death.

[232] If it ruin goods, he shall makecompensation for all that has been ruined, and inasmuch as he did not constructproperly this house which he built and it fell, he shall re-erect the housefrom his own means.

[19] If he hold the slaves in his house,and they are caught there, he shall be put to death.
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[28] If a chieftain or a man be caughtin the misfortune of a king, if his son is able to enter into possession,then the field and garden shall be given to him, he shall take over thefee of his father.

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[26] If a chieftain or a man (commonsoldier), who has been ordered to go upon the king's highway for war doesnot go, but hires a mercenary, if he withholds the compensation, then shallthis officer or man be put to death, and he who represented him shall takepossession of his house.

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[29] If his son is still young, and cannot take possession, a third of the field and garden shall be given tohis mother, and she shall bring him up.

[252] If he kill a man's slave, he shallpay one-third of a mina.

[142] If a woman quarrel with her husband,and say: "You are not congenial to me," the reasons for her prejudicemust be presented. If she is guiltless, and there is no fault on her part,but he leaves and neglects her, then no guilt attaches to this woman, sheshall take her dowry and go back to her father's house.

[269] If he hire an ass for threshing,the hire is twenty ka of corn.

. . .[Hammurabi] was the ruler who chiefly established the greatnessof Babylon, the world's first metropolis. Many relics of Hammurabi's reign([1795-1750 BC]) have been preserved, and today we can study this remarkableKing . . . as a wise law-giver in his celebrated code. . .

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[27] If a chieftain or man be caughtin the misfortune of the king (captured in battle), and if his fields andgarden be given to another and he take possession, if he return and reacheshis place, his field and garden shall be returned to him, he shall takeit over again.