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Chairman and members of the subcommittee, I appreciate theopportunity today to discuss the Office of Juvenile Justice and DelinquencyPrevention's perspective on legislative approaches to address the prevention andcontrol of violent and serious juvenile crime.

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31/10/2013 · Juvenile delinquency affects those involved but also the community
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Juvenile delinquency affects those involved but also the community. Prevention of the development of such crimes of the recidivism is essential to reduce the negative impact of crimes, even those committed by juveniles. There is not a single cause of juvenile crimes; we refer to risk factors related to the individual and to the family. Among different risk factors, bullying in school has been shown as early precursor of future violence. On average bullying affects 1 student in 4, either as a bully, a victim or belonging to the so called ‘bully-victims’ group, i.e. those admitting both committing bullying and being victimised at school.

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Chairman, as I visit communitiesand listen to policymakers and practitioners about the kind of Federal supportthat is needed for them to sustain their efforts, I hear two main themes: theneed for balanced funding for local and State programs, and strong Federalsupport for these efforts through research, demonstration of promisingapproaches, evaluation, training, technical assistance, andinformation_information, the kind of which that non-researchers can understand,as well as researchers, about what works and doesn't work to prevent and controldelinquency and reduce juvenile victimization.

This two-prong focus has been a vital blueprint for our localcommunities to combat juvenile delinquency and invest in their youth.
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Moreover, if this saying is true then the community in which juvenile delinquencies exist must have the tools necessary to divert the youth from crime.

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Mosby's Medical Nursing, and Allied Health Dictionary summed up juvenile delinquency best with this definition; "resistant antisocial, illegal, or criminal behavior by children or adolescents to the degree that it cannot be controlled or corrected by the parents, endangers others in the community, and becomes the concern of a law enforcement agency"(1994)....

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However, if this saying is not true then the community in which juvenile delinquency exist must have the tool necessary to divert the youth in the community.