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Mark, America
Actually, I don't eat a lot of junk food, but I try to keep pretty healthy with what I eat, but if I slip and I do eat any food that's not healthy it's usually fast food. Like I almost never eat at McDonald's, but if I'm really hungry, or I'm really broke and don't have a lot of money, or I just want something fast, I might sneak into a McDonalds, once every two weeks or something like that.

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Alan, Canada
What junk food do I eat? Well, I enjoy pototo chips and chocolate and cookies. I'm actually what you call a junk food fanatic. I enjoy eating junk food. I try not to eat too much of it. I used to eat more of it when I was younger, but I've kind of trimmed it down a little bit, and I got older, how ever, I still enjoy a good bag of potato chips while I watch TV, or a chocolate bar occasionally, after lunch or dinner, so I would say. I enjoy junk food but I try now to eat too much of it.

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The words “fast food” may conjure images of greasy burgers, salty fries and frosty shakes brimming with fat and sugar. The truth is, fast food doesn’t always mean “bad for you,” said Linda Van Horn, professor of preventive medicine at Northwestern University.

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Ruth, England
How much junk food? Well, actually I try really hard not to eat junk food. I try to go for a long time without eating crips and chocolate and cakes, but often I tend to ignore that and eat them anyway. I think it goes in phases. For a long time I'll not have any and then for a week or two weeks I will eat cake, cake, cake, chocolate, crisps, all of the time, so maybe, certainly at those time I eat too much. The rest of the time, no, I think it's OK.

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Lucinda, New Zealand
I don't eat junk food, sweet junk food, so I'm actually lying, I don't eat sweet junk food. I like McDonalds breakfast, but any other things to do with junk food I'm not really partial too. I like cholate occasionally, but very bitter chocolate. I quite like eating cooking chocolate bars.

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“You just have to be selective, both about the choice of restaurant and the choices you make when you get there,” Van Horn said. “Some, but not all, fast food restaurants have grilled chicken, salads, low-fat milk, fruit and even oatmeal choices for breakfast. Figure out which restaurants offer such options and try to frequent those more often. Consumer behavior strongly influences what restaurants choose to serve, so if you want healthier choices, choose them and let it be known.”

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Mitchell, United States
The junk food I tend to eat is gummy bears because I like, like the gummy kind of candy, gummy bears, sour patch kids, but I don't think I eat too much junk food because I don't eat too much cake, chocolate, cookies, and the dairy product section, so but if I had to pick a junk food that I eat the most, it's sweets like gummy bears, starbursts, skittles.

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Anita, Taiwan
What junk foods do I eat? I like potato chips, chocolates, candy bars but these days because of diets though I don't usually eat a lot, but of course during the party with my friends we always buy lots and lots of junk food and we'll finish in an hour. Actually I like it, but I'm controlling myself right now.