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Jones Blair Company markets its paint and sundry items in over 50 countries and in order to know which the customers of Jones Blair Company are, we have to break down and build up the potential buyers into groups to structure the market.

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AlternativesJones Blair has developed four alternatives to relieve the companies marketing problem.

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Originating from the palace of Tipu Sultan (c.1750-1799), the casket described in this case study (co-authored by Cam Sharp-Jones) came to Britain after the siege of Seringapatam. Once in Britain it passed through different branches of the Fraser family before joining the British Museum’s collections in the early twentieth century. The study explores the enduring significance of Tipu Sultan, the particular attention paid by family members to transferring the casket between generations both in India and England as well as how material culture represented the legacy of East India Company family histories.

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If Jones Blair does agree to use this method the company will need to make at least $1,000,000 to break even and cover the cost of this new promotion ($350,000/.35= $1,000,000).

By cutting price, Jones Blair will be able to stay competitive in price with other the other products on the market.
b) Cut price by 20%Compared to other leading national brands, Jones Blair is priced relatively high.

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Jones Blair needs to determine where and how the company will market its architectural products in the southern US.

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RecommendationsJones Blair needs to look into the future and envision the company competing with competitors.

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