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I like how the title of the fifth book is a play on the very first one, JOEY PIGZA SWALLOWED THE KEY. It suggests that Joey’s problems are insurmountable, that he cannot overcome his ADHD, his dysfunctional parents, or the culture of welfare and poverty. But, of course, Joey does triumph, and appears, by book’s end, to be in a place where he can rise above it all. We know it won’t be easy, but we know he can thrive.

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The sequel to Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key, a National Book Award Finalist

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I want to put in a plug for The Key that Swallowed Joey Pigza. I think Gantos does a wonderful job having us readers go on that wild ride with Joey. As before we are deep, deep, deep into Joey’s head, moving along wondering if we are heading into a train wreck or what. I think there is a story arc — how is Joey going to manage with Carter Junior on his own? And to deal with his father? I think Gantos does a remarkable job ending the book —somehow it feels that whatever happens Joey is going to get through it and see to it that Carter Junior does too. The incredibly craziness of what happens and the way Joey manages to get them through it makes me confident. And I think that is absolutely a remarkable thing for an author to do. It has been a while since I read the previous book, but I do remember it quite well (having looked at it very closely as it was out my Newbery year) and I do think we see some serious growth here with Joey, something that adds to the readers’ confidence that this boy will make it through. This book is breathtaking in spots, hilarious in others, and tender in still others. And, as Nina, notes, under 200 pages!

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Earlier in the season, we talked about present tense in general, but never really applied our thinking to specific books that we had all read. We have that opportunity now (and again with other shortlisted titles) to hold that particular convention up to closer scrutiny. Gantos uses it in the first couple chapters, but then drops it. I don’t think this is a good/bad novel because of how present tense is used, nor do I think it’s Newbery hopes rest on that either, but I do wonder: what does it add to the novel? Thoughts?

Another solution is to keep your room really well organized, so that you can find everything easily.
An appendix at the back ofthe book list many of the major organizations that advocate for individuals withphysical and mental disabilities.

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So I went and stood in the hall for about a second until I remembered the mini-Superball in my pocket and started to bounce it off the lockers and ceiling and after Mrs. Deebs in the next class stuck her head out her door and yelled, like she was yelling at a stray cat, I remembered something I wanted to try. I had seen the Tasmanian Devil on TV whirling around like a top so I unbuckled my belt and pulled on the end really hard, as if I was trying to start a lawn mower. But that didn’t get me spinning very fast. So I took out my high-top shoelaces and tied them together and then to the belt and wrapped it all around my waist. Then I grabbed one end and yanked on it and sort of got myself spinning. I kept doing it until I got better and better and before long I was bouncing off the lockers because I was dizzy too. Then I gave myself one more really good pull on the belt and because I was already dizzy I got going really fast and began to snort and grunt like the Tasmanian Devil until Mrs. Maxy came out and clamped her hands down on my shoulders. She stopped me so fast I spun right out of my shoes and they went shooting up the hall.

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Interesting enough, maybe because I lack the context from not reading any of the prior Pigza books, I DID NOT get the feeling that Joey would make it through and be ok in the future. I was left with the feeling that Joey and his family will be right back in this mess in another week or so! Crawling into the crib in his father’s room, does not give me confidence that Joey will handle things well in the future. And honestly, Joey didn’t necessarily handle them well this time! A lot of luck was on Joey’s side!

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"I can't stay in my seat, get my work done, or stay focused!" This is something that a lot of students can relate to in today's classrooms. By the time students who experience this are in 4th grade, they have often lost all hope at school. Until they meet Joey Pigza, the boy with severe ADD.