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The tallest bridge in the world is in the south of France. It is called Le Viaduc de Millau and it was opened in December, 2004. It crosses over the valley of the River Tarn and it belongs to the motorway called Autoroute A75. It has four lanes. At one part, it is 343 metres tall (1,125 ft.) and slightly higher than the Eiffel Tower!
It was designed by the French engineer Michel Virlogeux and the British architect Norman Foster.

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St. Joan of Arc – Mandorlas in Our Midst
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is the colour of the Virgin Mary, Joan of Arc and of royalty
is the colour of Saint Denis and of the war-banner of France. The original French war-banner was called the red Oriflamme of Saint Denis.

Joan of Arc - the French heroine who was burnt at the stake

This was the beginning of the French Revolution.
The poor people hated the Bastille because so many had been imprisoned there without having a fair trial.
Nowadays, on 14 July, there is a big parade in Paris, the French flag flies from L'Arc de Triomphe and there are celebrations and fireworks all over France.

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