Jazz History: The Standards (1920s)

The Roaring 20s came to a close in economic chaos, and the lighthearted atmosphere of the Prohibition Era fizzled out with the end of the decade.

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Chicago was where the first radio broad cast of jazz music was made.

Jazz bands was very popular in the parks.

Join us to take a look at the light and dark side of the Prohibition Era on a show we call Speakeasies, Flappers and Red Hot Jazz. The Jim Cullum Jazz Band and their friends celebrate the high-flying party music of the roaring '20s—with tunes from the playing of jazz violinist Joe Venuti, bandleader Duke Ellington and cornetist Bix Beiderbecke.

Many musicians would go to the parks to proform for the animals.

Mob-controlled liquor created a booming black market economy. Gangster-owned speakeasies replaced neighborhood saloons—and by 1925 there were over 100,000 speakeasies in New York City alone. Mob bosses opened plush nightclubs with exotic floor shows and the hottest bands. At Small's Paradise in Harlem, waiters danced the Charleston, carrying trays loaded down with cocktails. Popular stars like Fred and Adele Astaire entertained at The Trocadero. And at the Cotton Club, Duke Ellington led the house band as tap dancer Bojangles Robinson and jazz singer Ethel Waters packed the house. Out in rural America, on Midwestern college campuses, kids drank 'bathtub gin' and danced to the hot jazz of Bix and the Wolverines in lakeside pavilions.

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Kansas attracted all kinds of people when the mass exodus happened in New Orleans, Kansas filled the streets with people.

This jazz club was located in Chicago, Illinois.

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Hisaishi released his first solo full-length, “Mkwaju,” in 1981. When combining his solo work and soundtracks, he has more than 100 albums under his belt. He has collaborated with internationally celebrated directors such as Miyazaki, Takeshi “Beat” Kitano and Yojiro Takita. His work as a conductor took him to Cannes in 2004 — he was the first Japanese musician to conduct an orchestra at the famous film festival in France — and he has worked with some of the top philharmonic orchestras in the world, including the London Philharmonic in 2009.

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"That movie was darb."
dead soldier: an empty beer bottle
deb: a debutant
dewdropper: a young man who sleeps all day and doesn't have a job
dick: a private investigator; coined around 1900, the term finds majorrecognition in the 20s
dinge: a derogatory term for an African-American; out of use by 1930
dogs: feet
doll: an attractive woman
dolled up: dressed up
don't know from nothing: doesn't have any information
don't take any wooden nickels: don't do anything stupid
dope: drugs, esp.

Jazz History: The Standards (1920s)

Only six months after Prohibition became law in 1920, women got the right to vote. Suffragettes were on the front line of this landmark battle, but flappers became the most visible heroines of the Jazz Age.

The reader will find more Jazz Age slang, ..

Terry Riley: Although a master of minimalism, Terry Riley is just as comfortable with jazz, blissed-out electronic music and Indian rhythms. His mind-bending music is a testament to an imagination that reaches for the cosmos, to his instrumental prowess and his ongoing exploration of a universal sonic consciousness.

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“A lot of people that come to the concerts are in their 20s,” Hisaishi says. “I think they come to listen to something new, and I want to be able to provide that.