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Rushing before Senate investigators, Mr. Hoover did not question the "conclusion" that Mr. White was a spy--although the F.B.I's evidence had not been enough to persuade a grand jury to indict Mr. White before he died in 1948. As for Mr. White's promotion to the International Monetary Fund, Mr. Hoover stated emphatically that, while he knew of Mr. Truman's reasoning, he had not been in on the decision nor had he approved it.

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Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover, an untainted holdover from the Harding Administration, recommended J. Edgar (no relation) as "a lawyer of uncommon ability and character."

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A day in the life of J. Edgar Hoover testified to his unflagging energy and to the power of habit. The few changes in his routine were forced on him; His friend Clyde Tolson, the F.B.I.'s associate director, was not well enough to walk the last few blocks to the office in recent days, so their morning strolls along Constitution Avenue were abandoned. The old Harvey's Restaurant was razed so Mr. Hoover and Mr. Tolson had lunch instead at the Mayflower Hotel next door on Connecticut Avenue.

Edgar Hoover, the man behind the FBI's growth over a nearly 50-year span.

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Until Representative Hale Boggs of Louisiana, the House majority leader, criticized Mr. Hoover in the House last spring as a "feudal baron" and a wire-tapper, the F.B.I. director had been sacrosanct in Congress' deference. The case of former Senator Edward V. Long, a Missouri Democrat who denounced government wiretapping and was quickly undone by Life magazine's disclosure, leaked from the F.B.I., that he was splitting legal fees with a teamster lawyer in St. Louis, is often cited as an example of the director's tactics.

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The late Senator George Norris of Nebraska called Mr. Hoover "the greatest hound for publicity on the American continent." Even Chief Justice Harlan Fiske Stone, who had appointed the F.B.I. director in 1924, observed critically that "one of the great secrets of Scotland Yard has been that its movements are never advertised."

Edgar Hoover led the FBI for nearly a half-century, from 1924 until 1972

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A still darker era followed under President Harding. Within the Justice Department, according to Alpheus T. Mason, the historian, the Bureau of Investigation "had become a private secret service for corrupt forces within the Government." Mr. Hoover nearly quit in disgust.

The role of J. Edgar Hoover in the history of the United States of America.

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Mr. Hoover understood pop culture and its evolution. He promoted "junior G-man" clubs for boys, and sold two and a half million copies of "Masters of Deceit," a book on Communism. His "ten most wanted" list made a lot of seedy drifters into headline material. In the age of television, he shrewdly reserved the right to select the actor (Efrem Zimbalist Jr.) who would represent the F.B.I. in millions of living rooms in a popular television series.

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Speakeasies were the fashion. Gangsterism ravaged the land, capturing headlines, and in a sense, the public fancy. For Mr. Hoover, the last straw was the Kansas City massacre of June 17, 1933, in which Charles (Pretty Boy) Floyd and his gang killed five men, including an F.B.I. agent and three local policemen. "If there is going to be publicity," the director raged, "let it be on the side of law and order."