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EXCERPTS: Reciprocal transfer of seed sources among breeding regions provides an opportunity to investigate how differently adapted populations respond in growth and survival when exposed to different climate conditions, and by implication, to climate change. Previous studies of one of these trial series (G103) have demonstrated genetic differentiation into three regions: northern, central, and high elevation (Rweyongeza et al.

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We also show how DISTRIB and SHIFT [models] can be used to evaluate the potential for assisted migration of vulnerable tree species, and discuss the dynamics of colonization at range limits.
Rapid climate change is forecast by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, 2007) for all major biomes on earth.

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But here are some of the assisted migration excerpts:

"'Options Forestry' implies that we should simultaneously explore acclimation to higher temperatures among trees already in place, and the possibility that assisted migration (AM) of species to areas where they are not endemic will be needed to adapt to extreme warming.

Highlights issues related to speed of migration (past evidence as well as estimates of future needs) and regional changes in climate.

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Alternatively, forestry AM is a highly feasible adaptation approach that is already being implemented in some jurisdictions and that could help to maintain forest productivity and certain ecosystem services across large areas in the face of rapid climate change."
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Our review and presentation of current information for researchers, foresters, landowners, and nurseries provides components to consider in their climate change adaptation plans." EXAMPLE: "Alberta is considering ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) and Douglas-fir, now absent in the province, as replacements for lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta) because it is predicted to decline in productivity or suffer from extinction under climate change."

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Although no explicit solution exists for this, remaining mindful to discuss assisted migration within the context of the restoration goal should support better communication among scientists and among scientists, land managers, and the public. Eventually, shifting climates may render current species or populations maladapted, as predicted, for example, for in the southwestern portion of its current European range (Sykes and Prentice 1996) and for broadleaved species moving northward from temperate European forests to the current boreal forests (Thuiller et al.

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Because of the interest in assisted migration as a potential adaptation option and because of the complexity of the issue, the need to develop a comprehensive review of assisted migration as a forest management option to adapt to climate change in Canada is addressed in this special issue of .

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By introducing adapted plant materials, assisted migration has potential to promote resilience to change and/or ease habitat transitions already occurring and realigning systems where resources are severely degraded or fragmented (Millar 2014).

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Assisted migration is beginning to find its way into climate change adaptation plans (e.g., IPCC 2014) although consensus about its implementation is hampered by research and conservation challenges, existing management policies, uncertainty about future conditions, and non-standardized terminology (Hewitt et al.