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The world ends all the time. It ends every time someone dies. The world ends when your life in it ends. The world ended for everyone that lived in the nineteenth century. The world is going to end for the whole World War ll generation in the next ten years. Even the people that survived the war are going to die. No one really wins unless they learn the truth. Everyone alive today, the whole human race, will be dead within the next one hundred and thirty years, no matter what we do. For most people, it will come a lot sooner.

Jesus said, “The end is near.”

He was right; the end is near. People think this saying was wrong because the world did not end near the time he said it, but they are wrong, because the world did end for everyone he said it to within fifty years.

Your life will go by fast, no matter how long you live. You will be at death’s door before you know it. The truth is, the world could end for you in the next few minutes. It is not something that just happens to someone else. It will not happen in your future; it will happen in your present, just like everything else.

The living dead: This is one major reason people avoid the present. They know death is only in the present. They think if they avoid the present, real life, they can avoid death. The problem is, life is also only in the present, so if you avoid the present, you avoid true life, thus you are a living dead person. Death happens anyway, so what is the point of missing true life?

The mind has a hard time seeing the truth when it comes to the subject of death, because it does not know life, so it cannot know death. It deals with it by not dealing with it or by hiding in a myth.

"If this eye cannot see a thing, then it does not exist

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Why would God compel people to come into His house so that it can be filled and yet send a deluding influence upon the same people? Are not those people in 2 Thessalonians, at the time of the Antichrist, the same people included in the highways and hedges? Does not God compel all to enter into His house regardless of when and where they are in history?

That is, it is not His desire that even the wicked die.

The elephant in the room: Everyone is trying to ignore the elephant in the room, making believe that it is not there. People are in complete denial. As a result, you get the biggest surprise of your life at the end of it.

There is no defense against death. People that collect guns and put in cameras and alarm systems are just deceiving themselves. The worst possible thing is going to happen relatively soon in one way or another, no matter what you do. When it does happen, most people will not be ready for it.

That does not have to be the way it is. You can take anything in stride if you know the ultimate truth, and if all your loved ones know the truth, they can too.

When the worst possible thing happens to a spiritual being, they do not lose themselves; they find themselves even more, get closer to God/life and get more into the present. A spiritual being was expecting it and prepared for it in advance.

A spiritual person knows the worse it gets, the better it will be, and everything is perfect at all times, so they make the transition consciously into their next life.

You are just going over the big drop on the rollercoaster of life, and it is just starting to get real interesting. You do not just hope that you are going to a better place, you know it. Good, bad, painful, it is all just the present to you.

If the soul is subject to death, then where did this belief originate that the soul does not die

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We can see that God says He does not wish any to perish. But, we can also see that God gave Israel eyes to not see with and ears to not hear with. Likewise, Jesus, who is God in flesh, purposely spoke to people in parables so they would not perceive and repent (Mark 4:11-12). If God wants all saved in the sense that He arranges the best world for all so that all can have the opportunity to hear the truth and accept, then why would He arrange it so people were blinded and prevented from seeing? Some will say that the people did this to themselves. But that is not what the text says. Clearly, God is the one performing the actions in preventing them to see. In this case, He desires one thing and does another.

Does God want pain and suffering in the world? The obvious answer is no. God created Adam and Eve and put them in a perfect world without pain, without suffering, and without loss. That is God's desire because that is the way God made things in the beginning. Yet, we have pain, suffering, and loss in the world. Why? Because that is the nature of our sinful system -- and God permitted it to occur according to His sovereign plan. In fact, God causes some of the very things we believe He does not want.

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If you learn the truth and the life, you can die knowing you did the best that was possible for a human being. Having learned the truth and the life, you will be reborn in a new world where death will never be as bad as it is in this realm. It is a lot better than dying in ignorance or a living lie. You will know that death is necessary and what is going to happen next (be reborn), but death will always be tragic in many ways, and it is never okay.

This section is about physical death, the loss of your current body. Spiritual people die and are reborn every second in the body they are in. Think about it; you are not the same person you were when you were ten. That person no longer exists. You have died to the person you were last year and yesterday and even who you were one minute ago. A spiritual person dies and is reborn every second in the present, but we are talking about physical death now.

Physical life is short: If people realized just how fast their physical life is going to pass, they would be much more concerned with learning the ultimate truth while they have the chance. The truth is, we are all slowly dying.

Just ask any old person if life is short or long, ask if their life went by too fast.

In the modern world, we do not see real death, just movie and TV death which is not real. This distorts our perception of the reality of death, the certainty of it. People really die. Where is John Wayne right now? Death must be real if even he is really dead. In the next few years, we are going to start seeing many stars of movies and TV start dying, and it will begin to make us realize death is real.

People are afraid of dying for a good reason; it is by far the worst thing that happens to you. It is even worse than it looks or you think it is. We become adults when we really realize that we are going to die in a short period of time.

It is the worst thing that happens, and the most certain thing to happen.

That is the naked truth. This makes life and death the most important subject there is. We are immature until we can face what we are really up against. Ignoring it or just taking someone’s word for what happens when you die is the biggest mistake you can make. You have to do your homework on this subject. It is a requirement to pass the course and graduate to heaven.

People are always surprised when things get bad, they get injured really bad or get a crippling disease, like it is their fault or something that should not happen. People are always saying so and so did not deserve that. Deserve has nothing to do with it, and it just shows how far people are from the truth. It is just the balance.

We all live in a house on fire, no fire department to call, no way out, just the upstairs window to look out of while the fire burns the house down with us trapped, locked in it. Tennessee Williams

Titanic: We are all on our own personal Titanic and heading for something that will kill us in some horrible way soon.

Life boat: The only life boat is the truth and the life. If you do not want to go down with the ship, you need to start getting into the life boat soon.

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People think that they would not have wanted to be one of those poor people on the Titanic or someone in some other disaster, when the truth is, they are heading for a disaster themselves. Everyone is, but almost no one realizes it.

People hear about someone being murdered by some psycho on the news and think that “it will never happen to me.” The person that was murdered thought exactly the same way. They could not have been more surprised. As the saying goes, never wonder for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

We are all in a life cycle that averages about seventy five years. This means we will be killed in one way or another. Life is filled with ups and downs, and at the end of your life cycle, you lose everything; everyone does. The worst thing that can happen is guaranteed to happen. As Becker said, life is one disappointment after another, with the biggest one at the end of it.

Just because the average lifespan is about seventy five years, it does not mean that is how long you live. The truth is that almost no one dies at that age. Most people die younger or older, some a lot younger.

False sense of security: The average lifespan gives people a false sense of security. The truth is, you can die five minutes from now. This is an important understanding, because if you put off learning the truth, you may not get the chance. You have to get on board the life boat while you can.

While we are postponing, life speeds by.

Pearly gates: You cannot just think you know the truth; you have to know the truth. It is what you know that gets you to heaven. It is what you know that transforms you and your life. Knowing the truth is the key to the metaphorical pearly gates; the key Jesus metaphorically gave to St. Peter and to us through his words.

We become the exact opposite of the way people are now.
See, Acts of Peter, XXXVlll

Everyone ends up doing the thing they have been trying to avoid at all costs. You lose absolutely everything you knew, everything that you thought was important, a few seconds before it happens. Nothing can be worse, and it is going to happen to you, maybe very soon. That is the bad news. The good news is that you can be ready for it.

End of the world: People are always talking and worrying about the world ending. We are destroying the environment, going to use weapons of mass destruction, there are plagues and pandemics, asteroids from space, religious prophecy, etc. We are so busy worrying about the world that we are missing the fact that the world is going to end soon for us, no matter what happens.