Assisted-suicide deaths of patients with impaired judgment

17. This same research has shown that an American adult’s view regarding a person’s moral right to physician assisted suicide will vary based on the person’s individual circumstances.

The state pays for assisted-suicide drugs for the poor

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27. Listing and description of failed assisted-suicide proposals.

This disingenuous claim ignored the fact that states had always had the “green light” to pursue such a course of action. But assisted-suicide advocates did not let the truth get in the way of a means to appear victorious.

Ethical aspects of physician assisted suicide: All sides

On June 26, 1997, the Supreme Court unanimously upheld the right of states to prohibit assisted suicide. The decisions in dealt a crushing 9 to 0 blow to proponents of assisted suicide.

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Physician assisted suicide is a controversial, complicated matter that often polarizes the voting public. On the one hand, there are those who believe that patients suffering from chronic and fatal illnesses should be allowed to die with dignity, on their own terms and in peace. Having a doctor assist them with ending their own life allows them to stop this suffering and also ensures them that death will be on their own terms. No matter the side of the fence you sit when it comes to physician assisted suicide, you may be surprised to learn some statistics about this process and the legalities surrounding it, as well as public opinion and voter decisions in the past few years.

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2. Some 9% of deaths in the Netherlands in 1990 were the result of physician-assisted suicide, as the practice is fully legal and commonly practiced. The practice is also legal for infants and newborns who are considered extremely disabled and has reportedly also been administered for those who were deemed “chronically depressed.”

Physician-Assisted Suicide: Family Issues

In keeping with the assertion that a new path had opened, Coombs Lee announced the formation of CID’s legal arm to be headed by Kathryn Tucker. Thus, with the door closed on federal constitutional claims, the search was on to find the state jurisdiction which might prove open to a claim that assisted suicide is a right under the state constitution. (State supreme courts must examine claims that are based on state constitutions solely on state grounds without regard to the interpretation of a counterpart provision in the Federal Constitution.)

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A New England Journal of Medicine article noted that “many patients who sought assistance with suicide had to ask more than one physician for a prescription for lethal medication.” (69) Patients or their families can “doctor shop” until a willing physician is found.

of Appeals on contentious issues such as assisted suicide and ..

1. There is passive euthanasia and active euthanasia. Active euthanasia refers to ending a person’s life by active means, such as with drugs. This is typically what is meant by physician assisted suicide. Passive euthanasia refers to allowing a person to die by withholding drugs, food, water, and other substances needed for survival. This is not technically considered physician assisted suicide although there are legalities covering this process when a person relies on a physician for their health and life.