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The importance of the Turkish element in Islamic culture can perhaps best be appreciated if one realizes that the larger part of the Islamic World was ruled by Turkish peoples from the 10th to the 19th century.

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The same attitude that creates in the field of painting an art form of the greatest beauty but of complete fantasy and unreality enters into architecture, creating forms of decoration that seem to negate the very nature of architecture and the basic principles of weight and stress, of relief and support, fusing all elements into a unity of fantastic unreality, a floating world of imagination.

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Considering Spain was ruled for - in some parts - up to 800 years by the , it's no surprise that lasting remnants of Spain's Islamic past are present in everything from gastronomy to music, language and architecture. Even when the Islamic empire finally succumbed to the Reconquest, the dazzling architectural forms and styles lived on for centuries.

It was used extensively during the first five centuries of Islam in architecture, for copies of the Koran (Qur'an), textiles and pottery.

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In particular, this region was noted for its fusion of classical Roman and Islamic architectural designs, and the general development of a Hispano-Islamic idiom in , relief , metal sculpture in the round, and decorative arts like ceramics.

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Elsewhere, imagery forms one of the most important elements and a multitude of other pictorial traditions were also assimilated during the long and complex history of Islamic Art.

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An alcázar or fortress was an essential part of every centre settled by the Moors. Some were mere lookout towers; others contained a palace or a whole city. For exceptional examples, go to the cities of or , or . But the quintessential palace-fortress-city is the in Granada. Constructed by the Nasrids, who reigned from there in the 14th and 15th centuries, it is considered the finest expression of urban Moorish architecture in Europe.

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Along with the closely linked Mudéjar style (architecture created by Muslims under Christian rule), Islamic architecture is one of refined sophistication, sumptuous decoration and peaceful harmony. Keep an eye out for elegant lobed and horseshoe arches, tranquil courtyards, ornate carvings, beautiful tile work and the repetition of geometric and nature-based motifs.

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In Islamic art, this dynasty was noted above all for its architecture and building designs, exemplified by the Masjid-i Jami in Isfahan, built by Malik Shah.

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For example, the superb metal basin of Mamluk silver metalwork known as the "Baptistere de Saint Louis" (Syria, 1290-1310), is one of the greatest masterpieces of its type in Islamic art.