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Even subject peoples who converted to Islam were relegated to the status of second-class citizens, known as Mawali. So jealously guarded were the privileges of the new Arab elite, and so at odds with the egalitarian aspects of Islamic theology, that they eventually provoked a violent reaction from the Mawali, who overthrew the Umayyad caliphate and replaced it with the Abbasids. However, this victory unleashed centrifugal forces that were to rend the political landscape of the Middle East until the rise of the Ottoman Turks.

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The center of Islamic power and culture has moved to Egypt, with the Caliphate of the Shi'ite .

culture and exploits of the Ottoman Empire up to Suleiman

The technology was soon exported to , where we get notable developments in the literate culture of the 9th century, such as the introduction of "miniscule" script and punctuation -- things that are often noted as features of the "Renaissance" but certainly derive from the innovations apparent in Islam and Romania.

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It now appears that the regime of President Abdullah Gül, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoan, and their AK Party is not just moderately Islamic but has the goal of an transformation of Turkey, politically, culturally, and diplomatically.

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In 2014 American "higher " disgraced itself when Ali was at first invited as a commencement speaker at Brandeis University and then "disinvited" when it was realized that she might criticize Islam, and had done so in the past.

embodied most of the salient elements of Muslim culture

We need to begin to suspect the motives of anyone willing to use the term "Islamophobia." The Left admires militant Islam for its expressions of hostility to America, capitalism, "imperialism," and democracy -- i.e.

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Thus, they give every indication of militancy and would leave any reasonable person with the impression that the mosque is not an attempt at reconciliation -- which would be ill served by calling most Americans bigots -- but is in fact a Jihad Victory Mosque whose purpose is to promote an Islamist agenda as close as possible to the place were militant Islamists killed almost 3000 victims.

'al-Qur'ân, Sûrah 39, Verse 23

Part I of the book (pp.3-177) is the Persian grammar proper, while Part II (pp.181-245) is "The Arabic Element." Similarly, it would be difficult to be fully educated in Japanese without considerable attention to the Chinese source of Japanese and the Chinese literary and religious antecedents of much of Japanese culture.

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Since Egyptian state security forces fail to protect Christians and often appear to cooperate in their persecution, including this recent case of shooting Christian demonstrators, while the government-controlled Press promotes anti-Christian hysteria, this puts the lie to claims about the general tolerance, respect, and good-will that Islam is supposed to show towards other religions.

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For, as it seems, Turkish public opinion, no doubt influenced by what is now a Government controlled news media (which runs grotesque anti-Semitic and anti-American "documentaries"), but apparently in little need of such propaganda, has drifted into the Islamist irrationality, paranoia, anti-Semitism, and anti-Americanism that is all too familiar from the rest of the Middle East.