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Gender and gender role refers to society's idea of how boys or girls or men and women are expected to behave and should be treated. A display of gender, as with a gender role, represents a public manifestation of gender identity. It can be said that one is a sex and one does gender; that sex typically, but not always, represents what is between one's legs while gender represents what is between one's ears. A sex role usually involves the acting out of one's biological predisposition. In young males this is associated typically with their greater aggressive, combative, and competitive nature than is usual with young females. In young females their sex roles are usually manifest by nurturing and compromising behavior, less frequently seen in boys. These might actually better be called sex-typical (male-typical; female-typical) behaviors. Gender roles are those behaviors imposed overtly or covertly by society. As described by Gagnon and Simon (Gagnon and Simon 1973) gender roles are behaviors that can be considered "scripted" by society. Examples of this is how girls learn to keep their knees together or adjust their dresses and apply cosmetics while boys actively memorize the rules of sports and games. Gender has everything to do with the society, in which one lives and may or may not have much to do with biology (Gagnon and Simon 1973).

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My Initial Hypothesis I believe that sexual orientation is not something that is learned.

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For most people their identity, orientation and gender are in concert. The typical male sees himself as such, acts in a masculine manner-a combination of biologically and socially determined gender behavior patterns-is treated as a male by society, and prefers to have sexual interactions with females. The typical female sees herself as such, acts in a feminine manner-also a combination of biologically and socially determined behaviors-is treated as a female by society, and prefers to have sexual interactions with males. For the usual person there is no conflict between sexual and gender identity and it makes no difference that the terms involved refer to different things.

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Sexual orientation is “the clear, persistent desire of a person for affiliation with one sex rather than the other”, otherwise known as sexual preference.

The most controversial and researched topic in science today is the argument whether sexual orientation in humans is innate or a learned behavior.
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Sexual orientation is biological in nature. There is some genetic component, but it is clearly not the only factor. Natural fluctuations in hormone levels in the womb may play a …

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