Are there different types of feminism?

Representing the theoretical and methodological diversity of feminist studies in art history from its second decade, Broude and Garrard both identify the effects of “postmodernist” theories of authorship, the gaze and the social construction of gender in art history, while contesting the tendency to polarize feminist scholarship between modern and postmodern, essentialist and constructivist, traditionalist and theoretical. They advocate incremental change in the discipline and argue for a continuing acknowledgement of the importance of studies of women’s authorship in art.

This is why I believe in building a trans-positive radical feminism.

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In general, it appears to me that any time a law is passed that pisses you off, you won’t refer to any of the complex reasoning surrounding that (nor even tell us exactly what happened nor what you’re complaining about), but just blame “radical feminists”. Would that be a fair comment?

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Moreover, many feminists who disagree with trans theory do analyse many trans-identifying people as being oppressed on the basis of others’ perceptions that they are transgressing the prescribed sex roles and hence require punishment for that.

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of what feminism is really all about.

One thing I will declare off the bat is if you read one or two sentences of this post and fire off an angry, preconceived rant, you lose de-facto because you have demonstrated yourself incapable of reasoned debate, and should therefore stop pretending that reason and rationality are something you value. That said I want to address a lot of things I see going on in the comment section that are completely unacceptable.

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No, because transitioning doesn’t necessarily imply any particular gender. A woman of trans history, for example, might be feminine, androgynous , masculine, femme, butch, genderqueer, whatever, the same as any other woman. Transitioning doesn’t limit how she expresses herself at all, only what body she feels correct inhabiting.

thnk you for writing this! trans woman should always be at the front of our minds when discussing feminism.

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I really don’t understand what radical feminists think that trans women should do… I’m starting to think they’re right. But what should we do? Obviously stay out of feminism, since we’re men and oppress women. But should we stay away from other women entirely, since we pollute them with our energy? Should we end our own lives? Or use the fact that we’re socialised male and in violence to keep other trans women from causing harm?

“Doesn’t transitioning imply the same sort of gender essentialism that feminism has repeatedly tried to combat?”

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Kudos to Julia for the post. Great read. As for the radscum comments I keep seeing on this and other similar threads, if radscum put half the energy they put into active discrimination against trans* women into actually moving feminist causes forward there would be a lot less for all of us to fight for. Radscum are doing no women any favors, but they seem content to cut off their noses to spite their faces.
We trans* women are women too, end stop. We are fighting for the same thing that every woman is fighting for. There is strength in diversity and in recognizing our intersectionalities. We must all work in unison for what we all need both together and individually.

“Doesn’t transitioning imply the same sort of gender essentialism that feminism has repeatedly tried to combat?”

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First off I want to blow the the cover off of a lot of this intellectualization I see happening here. I’ve talked to some radfems and lesbian separatists about the whole trans thing, and the honest-to-goodness gut response is that many radfems and lesbians find trans women and their genitals icky, and then subsequently construct a bunch of feminist theory behind why trans women aren’t really women or are men and therefor the enemy or whatever the fuck it is. All of it. ALL IF IT! Yes, even the argument you made, aspiring radfem, ultimately violates one of the central tenants of biology being destiny that feminism is based on. Trans women love shooting a lot of holes this pseudo feminism has a lot of holes to be shot in it because it’s inherently anti-feminist, in addition to the fact that it invalidates our identities.