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MEDIA SUPPRESSION OF THE CHANNEL 4 'MCLIBEL' DRAMATISATION AND THE 'MCLIBEL' DOCUMENTARY - the role of the media, and why the films must be widely shown.

all censorship is seen as justified by somebody

I wouldn'twant to risk damages, costs, injunctions and months in court.

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Lodge said the document had damaged his reputationas a negotiator between the police and New Age Travellers and affected hiswork as a freelance photographer.

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Before he’d got any worthwhile film, before the protesters had evengot to the offending field, Ben was arrested with the protesters on‘suspicion of conspiracy to cause criminal damage’.Ben was keptin Totnes police station for the maximum 24 hours while a team from TrinityRoad police station in Bristol searched his home.

Twenty thousand pages of court transcripts and several hours on the phoneto Loach later, we had chosen which parts of the proceedings to dramatise.

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But now no-one at all is able to view the McLibel dramatisation - it hasnot been shown again by Channel 4, and have refused to make it availableon video.

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The drama was successfully broadcast in the UK and therefore the riskof any legal action against C4 for a broadcast abroad is negligible, andto even threaten it would surely be a blatant abuse of legal process.

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A freelance photographer wrongly accused in an internal police document ofsupplying drugs at free festivals has been paid substantial undisclosed damagesby the Avon & Somerset Police for malicious falsehood.

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The proof of this is the continuing growth of the leafletting, newspaperarticles, the C4 dramatisation, the highly detailed 'McLibel: Burger CultureOn Trial' book (partly co-written by the defendants), and of course thevoluminous and comprehensive McSpotlight internet website (also availableas a CD-Rom, including also the documentary) - none of which has resultedin any legal action or even complaint by McDonald's.

The trial dramatisation, just like the more recent documentary, was craftedto fully comply with lawyers breathing down the directors' necks.

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- In May 1997, a month before the McLibel verdict, Channel 4 TV broadcasta dramatised reconstruction of in-court highlights of the McLibel trial -it was three and a quarter hours long, and shown over 2 nights to great criticaland popular acclaim.

15Jul98 - McLibel support campaign - Media Suppression of the Channel 4 'McLibel' dramatisation and the '

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Centralhad just finished filming one of its most successful dramas - 'Sharpe', starringSean Bean as the swashbuckling soldier hero of the Napoleonic Wars - in EasternEurope.

The C4 McLibel dramatisation wascopied by many viewers when it was shown - it could be 'pirated' and madeavailable on video.

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But even regardingthe issues which were 'not proven' (in the judge's personal opinion) by thedefence, the drama could simply add a quote from the verdict.