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Yes. "Reese agreed to go without makeup on the trail," says Wild director Jean-Marc Vallée, "just so she could feel what it is to go on a hike and not focus on looking at herself. She had a real backpack on, which was about 75 pounds" (Wild Featurette). He had all of the mirrors covered in her hair and makeup trailer.

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These are things to transform your backyard into an oasis of wildlife for you to enjoy.

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Yes. Cheryl used heroin during the four-year period between her mother's death and the Pacific Crest Trail hike. She used again shortly before the hike. -Wild Memoir

Unleash some AI into the wild ..

Yes. In the book, the horse grew weak after Cheryl's stepfather, Glenn (renamed Eddie in the book), neglected it following the death of Cheryl's mother, Bobbi. Cheryl asks Glenn to put the animal out of its misery, but Glenn refuses. She then insists that her brother Leif must do it. He shoots the horse and Cheryl is present for the heart-wrenching moment. The horse doesn't die from the first shot. It dies slowly and it takes multiple shots to end it's life. -Wild Memoir

The medieval poet usually creates an  work by turning these figures into knights as he knew them.

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It is also common for poets to deliberately vary their rhyme scheme for artistic purposes--such as Philip Larkin's "Toads," in which the poetic speaker complains about his desire to stop working so hard, and his rhymes degenerate into half-rhymes or as an indication that he doesn't want to go to the effort of perfection.

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I can't confirm if it's the same train bridge over a river that Soon-young stumbles into on her way back to Sagok-ri, but it sure does look, and feel, like it.) Each character has their own anti-social reactions in response to the disaster that has left them fairly isolated without a government infrastructure to assist them.

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As it stands, though, Park does not quite have either the or cold discipline to push into the territory of a truly gripping drama; the film remains intellectually involving but not emotionally galvanizing or, ultimately, satisfying.Like so many period pieces recently made in Korea, tries too hard to make its content resonant with contemporary politics.

works because the story is engaging without too many wild pitches to the backdrop of over-the-top dramatics.

The Wild Effect has even seeped into popular culture.

They center around the young Nami (played by Shim Eun-kyung, a young actress who is quickly gaining recognition for her talent), a shy transfer student, and Chunhwa (Kang So-ra), the self-confident leader of Sunny who invites her into their circle.The flashback sequences are, to a certain extent, a humorous coming-of-age story, but even more than that, they are about how the bonds of friendship help the girls to overcome the challenges in their lives.

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Many --such as Benoit de Sainte-Maure's Roman de Troie, Boccaccio's Il Filostrato, Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde, and John Lydgate's Fall of the Princes of Troy--similarly take material from Homeric legend and turn them into chivalric versions of the historical romance--complete with anachronistic knights and courtly love affairs.

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(It compares favorably with Peter Jackson's conception of heaven in , with its fantastic landscapes and blinding colors that are so overwrought, they tip into ridiculousness.)This is not Jang Jin at his peak -- although some of the sequences are quite funny, the film as a whole feels a bit disorganized and lacking in focus.