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This paper is in two parts. The first part is an overview of electronic commerce in general, with particular focus on the Internet, and it's effect and use in supply chain management. Included are the various elements of electronic commerce and how effective use of these tools will improve supply chain management initiatives. The second part will focus on the results of the author's masters thesis which researched the effective use of the Internet and electronic commerce in the industrial marketplace as it relates to supply chain management.

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Barriers to Effective Communication
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Use of Technology in Business Communication

The author recently completed a masters thesis entitled " The Effect of the Internet on Marketing to the Supply Management Function in the Industrial Marketplace". The intent of this thesis was to ascertain if the Internet is an effective method for advertising, marketing, and communicating to the industrial marketplace, and if so, how was that success measured. The research focused on marketing and advertising processes by companies attempting to reach supply management professionals in the industrial marketplace, and asked the question if they believed that marketing to these professionals on the Internet was successful. Areas of study included discussion and analysis of the Internet as an advertising medium, the measurement of successful utilization of the Internet by sellers, Internet marketing and advertising methods to reach the industrial marketplace, and changing buyer and seller relationships.

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The study was intended to provide marketers and buyers with recommendations of how best to utilize the Internet in improving buyer and seller relationships and communication, improve business processes and access to information, and to determine if the Internet is a viable method for reaching the supply management professional. A study analyzing the combined needs of buyers and sellers alike may help to remove some of the barriers and paradigms to electronic commerce that exist today.

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There are progressive supply management organizations that are forcing suppliers to become more proficient in electronic commerce by establishing a Web site, improving or obtaining e-mail capabilities, and utilizing these tools. There are many suppliers who do not have these tools, and to a progressive supply management organization, it may spell the difference between business and no business. Communication is the key to successful supply chain management. Electronic commerce will continue to play a major role in increasing the levels of communication between all links in that chain.

Team Building, Collaboration and Communication

Overview of Electronic Commerce. Technology has captured the marketplace. Electronic commerce is having a profound effect on supply chain management as the Internet and related technologies are transforming traditional buyer / seller relationships. Firms are using elements of the technological infrastructure to improve production, sales, procurement, and service processes. Supply chain management, the procurement strategy which links customers and suppliers together is a series of cohesive, interdependent relationships, claims many of the benefits of electronic commerce. These advantages include instantaneous global communications throughout all levels of the supply chain. Excellent communications is the keystone of superior supply chain management.

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Many purchasing departments have shunned the Internet as a business too due to security concerns, technology limitations, and professional paradigms. Marketing organizations have invested substantial amounts of their advertising budget to have Web access, but are customers, or potential customers, using their sites, or even looking at them? The Internet, as the cornerstone of electronic commerce, is certainly efficient. However, is it effective, and does it enhance and promote communication?