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Twenty-five states also have separate statutoryprovisions that allow health care providers and pharmacists torefuse to provide or counsel on contraceptive services. C , note 12, at xiii.

Insurance Coverage for Contraception State Laws

Among religious groups the coverage of birth control is not a problem since it is widely used.

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It might also be possible to bring a suitdirectly against the federal government alleging that the failureto require contraceptive coverage makes ERISA unconstitutionalusing the Supreme Court decision in , 442U.S. 228 (1979), but no cases have been asserted under this theorythus far. The availability of Title VII as a remedy will mostlikely render inapplicable and the constitutionalargument more difficult, however, and this is discussed more fullybelow. notes 285-290 and accompanying text.

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The contraceptive requirement remains the subject of more than 80 lawsuits across the country. Federal appeals courts had split 3-to-3 on the rights of for-profit companies such as Hobby Lobby and Conestoga.

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About half of all pregnancies in the are unplanned, and about 4 of 10 of those end in , according to the Institute of Medicine report, which was released in July. It noted that providing birth control could lower both and abortion rates. It also cited studies showing that women with unintended pregnancies are more likely to be depressed and to smoke, drink and delay or skip prenatal care, potentially harming fetuses and putting babies at increased risk of being born prematurely and having low birth weight.

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But the Republican candidates have said that moral and religious values weigh heavily in birth control issues. Andrea Saul, a spokeswoman for , said in an e-mail that he regarded the administration’s rule requiring religious employers to furnish birth control as wrong. “This is a direct attack on religious liberty and will not stand in a Romney presidency,” she said. Mr. Romney has also pledged to end a federal program, Title X, that provides family planning services to millions of women.

39% cover all methods, 61% do not cover all methods, and 7% fail to cover any contraception at all.

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Reaction was wide ranging. Cecile Richards, the president of the of America, said the policy affirmed that “your boss does not get to decide whether you can have birth control.”

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Although depending on individual state policies, some states allow employers or insurers to refuse coverage of contraceptives based on religious or moral grounds.

A particular point of debate is the topic of birth control and the government.

Insurance coverage of contraceptives

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