In the Goshen Central School District, we envision technology:

This program is designed to help you prepare for work in curriculum development and instruction, technology integration, and leadership in pre-K–12 learning environments.

The field of instructional technology is a broad and diverse field.

Second, instructional technology is inherently an innovation-based discipline.

Anglin (Ed.), Instructional technology:Past, present, and future (pp.

The devices will be used to help students personalize their learning and gain appropriate media skills. Students will interact with this technology actively in practicing skills, creating content and products, and communicating with teachers and parents using specific apps and not passively using their devices to watch programs. You can learn more about the benefits of educational technology by clicking .

Gagne (ed.)Instructional technology: Foundations.

Examplesof product adoption and utilization theories include Burkman's (1987) User-OrientedInstructional Development process, Environmental Analysis (Tessmer, 1990),Adoption Analysis (Farquhar and Surry, 1994), àand the TechnologicalImperative Model (Schneberger and Jost, 1994).

Students at both high schools have access to many technology-rich course offerings including:

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The Information and Instructional Technology Department of the Baldwin-Whitehall School District serves and supports over 4,700 students and staff with data, voice, video and a rich computing environment. We strive to enable our users by providing superior technical service, and to empower them with information and solutions. Please explore our departmental website to find news, tutorials, documentation, and a variety of other resources.

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In February 2017, district residents approved a $30.48 million capital improvement project that will make much-needed improvements to the district – including instructional technology infrastructure upgrades in each school building.

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In 2016, he was elected to a three-year term on International Society for Technology in Education's board of directors. This professional association provides resources to support professional learning for educators and education leaders.

Diffusion Theory and InstructionalTechnology.

Our elementary classroom curriculum integrates audio, video, interactive learning opportunities, and digital production. Beginning in kindergarten through fourth grade, elementary students participate in a media skills class that focuses on raising a student’s skill level in using technology by integrating digital production with a rich media curriculum that focuses on reading appreciation.

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With the district moving toward an internal 1:1 device/student model and the growing necessity of enhanced technology-based security, these improvements will provide a reliable, high performance, secure, managed network system that will fully support our students’ 21st century education.


More than $4.2 million will be spent to improve high speed broadband and wireless connectivity and to install a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system. Approximately $1.3 million of the total cost was allocated to the district by New York State through the Smart Schools Bond Act, which was approved by voters in 2014 to provide school districts with funding for new educational technology and infrastructure improvements.