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Some more careful discussions of the subject can be found in the works of Freud (1963), Hirschfeld (1948) and Krafft-Ebing (1935). But research on bestiality is rare and consists mainly of single-case-studies and court reports. Certainly these studies provide us with some important information about zoophilic persons, but we can assume that the ones who get caught or volonteer for therapy are probably a special subgroup. According to Miletski, who recently did a study with a large sample of 93 zoophiles (1999) there had been only three important studies up to then, providing some information on prevalence and frequency of human sexual interaction with animals. They had a closer look at the subject and worked with larger samples. Unfortunately, at least some of the information must now be assumed to be outdated. These 3 studies were done by Kinsey et al. (1948 & 1953), Gebhard et al. (1965) and Hunt (1974).

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There is one more important thing to be pointed out here: Many of the zoophiles have a very close emotional attachment to their animal partners. They report that they love their animal partner as others love their human partner and are devastated when their animal partner dies. They care about the sexual pleasure of the animal as well as their own. Certainly, those who engage in sex with other people`s animals (such as fence-hoppers) often do not form such a close relationship, but most of the zoophiles take care not to inflict any pain or injury to the animal. Beside those zoophiles there are, of course, also others engaging in sex with animals, who do so for the extraordinary experience and some of them do not care that much about the animal`s consent or health. Some even hurt or kill the animal.

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Kinsey, Pomeroy and Martin`s (1948 and 1953) studies on sexual behavior in the US provide a great deal of information on sexual contact with animals. In their studies we find the first data on the prevalence of bestiality - among men they found it to be 8%. But they find that in most cases the sexual contact occurs only a few times. They also state that the animal contacts are mainly confined to farm boys, because those have access to animals. According to their estimate about 40-50 % of all farm boys engage in sex with animals.

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