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BTK would probably fail as a serial killer today, said Otis, one of the task force investigators: His signature move was to cut the phone line so his victim couldn’t call for help. Nearly everyone has a cellphone now.

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'Mindhunter:' Inside David Fincher's Creepy, Groundbreaking Serial-Killer TV Procedural
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"We’re paying tribute to these guys who started what's become a cornerstone of what the FBI does now," Groff adds. "But like them, we’re also trying humanize the serial killer. Which, in some ways makes the whole thing even creepier and scarier."

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Dennis Rader of Park City, Kan., was a husband and a father of two, a code enforcement officer, a Boy Scout volunteer, president of the congregation at Christ Lutheran Church – and a serial killer who tortured, strangled or suffocated 10 people from 1974 to 1991. Two victims were children.

In 'Confession of a Serial Killer,' Dr. Katherine Ramsland got Dennis Rader to reveal the dark fantasies that led him to murder
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In 'Confession of a Serial Killer,' Dr

owards the end of his career with the FBI, celebrated serial killer "whisperer" John E Douglas arrived home from work to discover his wife had cut her knee. Rather than rush to help tend the injury he was instinctively drawn to the spattered blood – analysing the angle at which it had splashed on the carpet for evidence of foul play. Everywhere he looked, he saw dark deeds and twisted minds.

Apr 03, 2013 · Perhaps because of the extreme nature of their crimes, serial killers pose somewhat of an ethical quandary for society

It all played out in a sequence and involved dopamine, the human chemical neurotransmitter that affects the pleasure centers of our brains. Rader says he began fantasizing as a young boy. This led to killing chickens and cats, then to stalking women. Those deeds increased his internal dopamine levels, Ramsland said.

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“The number one thing (for law enforcement investigations) is to not get bogged down in stereotypes and simplified formulas,” Ramsland said. “The idea that there is a common profile for serial killers – that’s a media notion.”

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That something is a core explanation, she said, backed by years of her research about how and why Rader, Ted Bundy and other serial killers became who they are, and why they do such terrible things.

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Douglas’s groundbreaking work profiling and consulting some of the most notorious serial killers of the past 40 years is the inspiration for absorbing new true crime drama, (loosely adapted from Douglas’s 1995 book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit).