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If the Chinese government were to accept the Information Superhighway into their country, they would have no power to influence the material their citizens wanted to watch.

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The Information SuperHighway, on the otherhand, will likely be based upon a pay-per-use model.

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55. Communications Decency Act, Pub. L. No. 104-104, sec. 402, § 223 (f)(2), 110 Stat. at 135 (adding 47 U.S.C. § 223(f)(2)). Originally the CDA preempted state legislation only with regards to commercial entitites. S. 652, sec. 502, 104th Cong. (1995) (adding 47 U.S.C. § 223 (g)). also 141 Cong. Rec. S8088-89 (daily ed. June 9, 1995) (statement of Sen. Exon). The conferees responded to the calls for a uniform national standard and a recognition that the Internet is a global medium. H.R. Conf. Rep. No. 104-458, at 191 (discussing sec. 502, stating "[t]he conferees have expanded this section to provide for consistent national and State and local content regulation of both commercial and non-commercial providers"). Cyberporn and Children Hearings, note 13, at 76 (prepared statement of William Burrington) (noting that five states in the past year have passed laws aimed at regulating obscenity and harassment on computer networks, and stating that where ISPs are faced with varying regulations from different states, the ISPs "would be forced to meet the content and activity standards of the most restrictive state. In this way, one state legislature, rather than the federal government, would control the content of our country's contribution to the global information superhighway."); Coalition Letter to Telecom Conferees 2 (Nov. 9, 1995) > (letter of the Internet Working Group, calling for uniform national policy). Excluded from state preemption would be noncommercial content providers.

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A state study, which would officially accept NASCO'S own 1995 version of the Superhighway and this, would unite state and
Coalition projects. Public meetings will be held in major Texas cities this March.

On the Information SuperHighway most people will be relegatedto the role of information consumer.


The value placed in digital networks is a direct result of technology in the workplace, because people will actively seek continuous education as a natural part of their lives, which is well fulfilled by the Information Superhighway.

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More users meant more content and more content meant more users.[49]" The more value placed in Cyberspace, the more value is invested in building the infrastructure of the Information Superhighway.

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The Information Superhighway presupposes growth in the importance of a digital information infrastructure to society, yet can bear no direct relationship to the method of quantifying whether or not the information society exists.

Theycomewith visions of a twenty-lane superhighway where cars are barely a bluras they whiz by.

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TxDOT already is moving to apply its four-football-fields-wide NAFTA superhighway
plan of building new train-truck-car-pipeline corridors to the states of Oklahoma and Colorado in a design that stretches
from the Mexican border at Laredo, Texas, to Denver, Colo.

Today,however, the Autobahn network is the world's fourthlargest singular superhighway system.

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However if the Information Superhighway is the result of a direct commercial development of the Internet, then "it will very likely enhance the communication inequality between, as well as within, nations.[62]" For Steven Miller, the GII is the same as the Information Superhighway[63], but this is too great an assumption.

Effectively, the Information Superhighway will be built out of the Internet, because this is the 'right' development for society.

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The definition of the Information Superhighway expressed earlier does not suggest that it needs to be fully pervasive network, but only one capable of being so.