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Long before our modern era, infidelity was a recurrent element in literature and art. History is laced with accounts of faithlessness. The Ten Commandments devotes a specific commandment to it. Thou shalt not commit adultery. King David had an affair with Bathsheba. Homer's Iliad describes the affair of Helen of Troy, and the list goes on - works, such as Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, Flaubert's Madam Bovary, Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover, Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, Henry James' The Golden Bowl are prime examples.

Empowering women and men in love, intimacy, sexuality ..

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Clinton's assertion that he did not have sex with Monica raised the question of not only what sex is but also how marital affairs are defined and whether sex or intercourse are the defining factors in infidelity. With the introduction of the Internet, the definitions of affairs or infidelity become more elusive and complex. The common belief is that affairs are about sex but, in fact, affairs are most often about secrecy, sexual attraction and sexual activities. Infidelity is essentially disloyalty or unfaithfulness to a sexual partner in what was supposed to be a sexually exclusive relationship. The root of the term infidelity is 'lack of faith' and disloyalty, as in 'infidel' which is the denial of belief in a certain religion. Secret sexual or intimate online relationships constitute an affair even when they involve neither actual intercourse nor oral sex nor actual physical contact. Adultery, unlike infidelity or affair, is a legal and biblical term.

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It was apparently felt that if this – not the bizarre love triangle – emerged it would cause scandal at the royal wedding. Lord Snowdon then even briefly considered having Jeremy Thorpe, later to be the leader of the Liberal Party, as his best man but a cloud over the politician's sexuality ruled him out, too.

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The literature about affairs has struggled to differentiate between platonic friendships and emotional affairs. While sexuality is not the determining factor in such differentiation, the issue of faithfulness, exclusion, deception and betrayal are. Similarly, there is some confusion between infidelity, an affair and extramarital sexuality. Many couples in many cultures seem to accept infidelity as part of the culture and unavoidable aspect of marriage. These couples do not face a crisis when the infidelity is exposed. Another example is a man who discovers his homosexuality in the later part of his marriage and comes to an agreement with his wife that they will stay married but both will pursue extramarital sexual relationships. In this example, extramarital sexual relationships are neither associated with betrayal or unfaithfulness nor do they involve deceit and secrecy.

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In the classical sexual ritual, the participants worship each other as embodiments of deities. Partners are encouraged to bring an attitude of reverence into their lovemaking and to all their interactions.

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