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The growth in imports outweighs the rise in exports.
Factors contributing to growth in import trade are:
Lower import tariffs
Higher imports of capital goods, industrial raw materials and intermediate goods
Growth in imports of gold and silver
Growth in POL increased moderately
Net impact
on India
Increase in export GDP ratio from 4.6% in 1980-81 to 15.9% in 2010-11
Increase in import GDP ratio from 7.2% in 1980-81 to 23.5% in 2010-11
Trade GDP ratio increased to 39.5% in 2010-11 from 11.8% in 1980-81
Decline in export-import ratio from 88.2% in 2001-02 to 67.8% in 2010-11
Balance of Payments
BOP is systematic record of a country's all economic transactions with the rest of the world in a given year.
Balance of Payments
Current Account
Capital Account
Visibles or Trade in goods
Balance of trade is the difference between a country's imports and exports
Invisibles or trade in services
Interest and Dividends
Tourist and travel expenses
Gifts and grants
Private Transactions
Official Transactions
Direct Investment
Portfolio Investment
Trends in India's BOP
Phase 1 1970-1973 Period of surplus in BOP
Phase 2 1974-1980 Position worsens but still comfortable
Phase 3 1980-1992 Period of serious problems and BOP crisis
During Q1 of 2012-13, exports stood at US$ 75.2 billion and showed a decline of 1.7 per cent as against an increase of 36.4 per cent during Q1 of 2011-12.

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If surplus of foreign funds is over and above what is required to fill the current account deficit, excess is transferred to "Foreign Exchange Reserves" and vice versa.
Causes of problems in BOP
Trade deficit
Increasing developmental imports
Larger imports for petroleum,oil and lubricants
Low world demand for agro based products
Low quality and high price of India's products
Protective measures by many countries against Indian goods
Foreign trade is the exchange of capital, goods, and services across international borders or territories.
Indian Economy-Performance and Policies
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Foreign Trade
India's foreign trade

To send goods or services across national frontiers for the purpose of selling and realizing foreign exchange.

To bring in goods or services from a foreign country for use, sale, processing, reexport.
The major items that India exports are:
Gems and jewellery
Ready made garments
Machinery and transport equipment
Fish and fish preparations
Iron ore
Cotton fabrics and yarn
The major items that India imports are:
Capital goods
Petroleum, oil and lubricants
Pearls and precious stone
Edible Oils
Major trends in exports
India's exports have recorded over 20% annual growth since 2001-02.

‘Govt in process of changing India’s economic environment’

Not only are there significant economic costs to data localization, the potential gains are more limited than governments imagine. Data server farms are hardly significant generators of employment, populated instead by thousands of computers and few human beings. The significant initial outlay they require is largely in capital goods, the bulk of which is often imported into a country. The diesel generators, cooling systems, servers, and power supply devices tend to be imported from global suppliers. Ironically, it is often American suppliers of servers and other hardware that stand to be the beneficiaries of data localization mandates. One study notes, “Brazilian suppliers of components did not benefit from this [data localization requirement], since the imported products dominate the market.” By increasing capital purchases from abroad, data localization requirements can in fact increase merchandise trade deficits. Furthermore, large data farms are enormous consumers of energy, and thus often further burden overtaxed energy grids. They thereby harm other industries that must now compete for this energy, paying higher prices while potentially suffering limitations in supply of already scarce power.

‘Govt in process of changing India’s economic environment ..
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import growth was a negative 23.6 per cent accompanied by a decline in both POL and non-POL ..

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