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Increase their sales revenue through proper inventory management

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5) Erroneous business model for allocating sales and marketing resources. A large percentage of the channel readiness work needed to enable the channel (field sales, inside sales, customer service, and channel partners) to successfully sell the value of the company’s products and services is not clearly defined across the marketing and channel organizations. The impact is that the resources required to complete the channel readiness work are not allocated correctly, or are underfunded. Studies indicate that 15-20% of the channel readiness work is done by the channel, one rep at a time and one deal at a time, as the high-level descriptive messaging is translated into persuasive messaging/conversations. From a business-model perspective, wouldn’t it be more effective to have Marketing do more of this work and then leverage it over your entire channel organization? The answer is an obvious yes, but tasking Marketing to do more of the channel readiness work, even if it wants to, will have limited success. Most marketing organizations are already resource-constrained and unable to fulfill many of their commitments. The business model restricts the reallocation and reprioritization of sales and marketing resources needed to increase performance.

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Invest resources in increasing your sales volume. Improve your sales process and/or get some sales training, if needed. Successful businesses are those that take orders and ensure that the final product/service is delivered. A clever way of increasing your turnover is to offer limited luxury services/products – which acts as an incentive for most customers to buy. (See )

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