with members of the opposite sex

The very existence of sexual reproduction presents a problem for Darwin's theory. The easiest way for an organism to reproduce is simply to divide asexually--to make a copy of itself. Bacteria are very successful at this. An organism that reproduces sexually, however, must divert precious energy into making sperm or egg cells; in the process, gene combinations that were quite useful beforehand are sometimes destroyed through "recombination." Then the organism must find a member of the opposite sex and mate with it successfully. From an evolutionary perspective, sex incurs considerable costs that must be offset by advantages to the organism. But what are those advantages?

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they would be observed by someone of the opposite sex

If you met people who are negative and managed to pick up on it then they obviously didn't manage to mask it like most people do. I think it's a given that pretty much everyone has some amount of negativity towards something they deal with on a daily basis, be it the coworker you dislike at work, your boss, a friend, a relative or members of the opposite sex, so your suggestion that one should refrain from doing it because it's a "bad idea" sounds highly idealistic and unrealistic. It sounds more to me like you're talking about people who are openly expressing their negativity or are unable to hide it, which of course is an exception rather than a rule.

it's about impressing the opposite sex

As for your desires, you can want what you want. However, you're taking this deeply unrealistic view of sex and using it to tell someone else that her sexual partner isn't up to par. That's incredibly shitty and presumptive. Maybe, like me, she isn't impressed at all with that description of sex. Maybe that is her idea of a good time and she's having it with the guy in question.

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I think you need to be super careful about what you say to a person who's circumstances you may not fully understand. The guy has said that he's suicidal, and it's safe to say that a life of being ignored and belonging to a sex that is invisible to the opposite sex can have a serious impact on one's well-being. Even if you think yourself to understand, your message looks trivializing to me, so in the spirit of helping AK1 I think it's important not to assume that "all he needs to do is X", because the problem is much, much, much, much, much more serious than that.

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I think it's situational. I tend to not ask about sexual history, because I don't like to disclose mine (because it's so extensive and I prefer not to be slut-shamed). I ask if I notice they are really close to a friend of the opposite sex, like "Hey, X seems really cool, were you guys ever an item?" and disclose the same of my friends, "Hey, this is my friend Y, just a heads up, we used to hook up, but that was ages ago, and we are totally just friends now."

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The bottom line is that trying to impress a woman usually has the OPPOSITE effect.

It not only makes you look like a nervous guy who can't make normal conversation...

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"I think," says Miller, "when a lot of people produce cultural displays, what they're doing in a sense is exercising these, these sexual instincts for impressing the opposite sex. They're not doing it consciously, but what they're doing is investing their products with an awful lot of information about themselves." We watch part of a ballet, and Miller concludes: "I think the capacity for artistic creativity is there because our ancestors valued it when they were making their sexual choices."

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Many women (who are at least halfway physically attractive and put effort into presentation) don't usually have any issues with having their desirability proven to them (just the opposite; sometimes leads to harassment). Granted, it isn't appealing to any emotional needs or making one feel special, but they are more openly sexually desired never-the-less. I believe that is why many virgin or even inexperienced men have anxiety or insecurity; these men weren't shown direct signs of interest in them as desirable sexually, even if sex would only be available after a long courtship.