Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship

In your management foundations courses, you'll focus on management principles and organizational dynamics for today's global, multicultural, and multinational organizations. You'll also benefit from a full spectrum of related business courses, covering statistics, business writing, marketing, finance, and organizational behavior.

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Implications of black swans to the foundations and practice of risk assessment and management
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Principles Of Health Care Management: Foundations …

Today, many workplaces require knowledge of management principles from multiple disciplines. The online undergraduate certificate program in management foundations at University of Maryland University College can help you gain that expertise through a flexible course of study focused on decision making, problem solving, and leadership.

Principles Of Health Care Management: Foundations For A Changing ..

Here's the comprehensive, essential resource for the next generation of healthcare managers faced with navigating tomorrow’s U.S. healthcare system.

In addition to fundamental healthcare management principles, this revised edition includes a review of the most recent healthcare legislation, a trove of industry case studies and a vital new chapter on the managerial challenges of 21st century healthcare consumerism. University of Massachusetts Professor Emeritus and former senior healthcare executive Seth B. Goldsmith combines foundational theory and illustrative real-world experience in this must-read text.

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