Who is present when Agamemnon and Achilles have theirquarrel?

Zeus when he regrets that Poseidon backed down from a fight with him in 16: also Hector accuses Paris of bringing joy to the enemy by causing the war at 3.51: When Menelaus is shot, Agamemnon is certainly worried about the grief he will feel if Menelaus dies (4.

Agamemnon dishonors () Achilles, the best of the Achaeans.

Agamemnon, although the wealthiest king, cannot save them if Achilles does not fight.
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Agamemnon, for all your nobility, don't take this girl.

How do they comparewith his feelings for her as expressed in Book 1?In their speeches before the assembled troops, both Achilles andAgamemnon attribute their irresponsible actions to Ate(Ruin).

It's a praising of Agamemnon and Odysseus, Ajax and Idomeneus.

(See Sophocles' play, Ajax.)Among other things, Book 19 points out the extent of forgivenessand reconciliation between Agamemnon and Achilles, and the twoheroes' determination to press for their unique value to theGreeks.

Agamemnon says Menelaos has won.
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and “The Iliad” ends with Hector’s ..

What action against Agamemnon does Achilles contemplatebefore he decides to withdraw from the fighting?Apollo, Athena, Zeus, Hera, and Hephaestus all play roles in Book1.

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You want large scale clashing armies? You’ve come to the right place. Even matched duels or obviously unmatched duels? Check out the long one-on-one combat descriptions, or that crazy nonsense between Paris and Menelaus. Spy thriller? Odysseus’s nighttime raid totally fits the bill. Nail-biting special ops missions? The Trojan Horse ruse has your name written all over it. Swords-and-sorcerers magic adventure? Try anything with the gods busting in on the action, like, say, that whole Laocoon fiasco. Snakes—yikes.

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But that’s not all. Not only does the Iliad put the act into action, but it puts the philosophy in there, too. This isn’t just a reductive Good Guys Vs. Bad Guys bit of disposable nothing. Instead, what’s behind all that fighting is a whole lot of thinking about what the fighting means.

Hector is portrayed as the perfect hero in The Iliad....

His railing is met with a blow on the back by Odysseus,who slaps him with the scepter--the staff held by the one inauthority, or who has the floor, at an assembly--sending him offin tears, as the troops laugh at his hideous condition.

Where is there mention of Agamemnon and thequarrel now?

So, Achillesdecides to withdraw from the fighting and prays that Greek lossesbecome so severe in his absence that Agamemnon is forced torecognize his importance to a Greek victory.

With this background considerAgamemnon's speech.

Agamemnon sends him awayempty-handed.The priest calls on Apollo for help, who sends a plague toafflict the Greeks.Achilles calls an assembly to discover the cause of theplague.The soothsayer, Calchas reluctantly, but with assurance ofprotection from Achilles, reveals the cause: Agamemnon's takingof Chryseis.Agamemnon agrees to give up his own woman, but insists on takingAchilles's as compensation.Achilles will have Agamemnon's head before he will consent tothis.