Can you email me any before/after London Marathon shots?

Medals are awarded according to finish time: the first ten men and ten women earn gold medals. Runners finishing in under 7H30 earn a silver medal, under 9hrs a silver/bronze (called the Bill Rowan medal), under 11 hrs a bronze and under 12 hrs a copper medal (named the Vic Clapham medal). Bill Rowan was the winner of the first Comrades Marathon in 1921, in 8:59, and Vic Clapham the founder of the race. The proportion of finishers in each medal category in the 2005 race is shown below.

The thought of me running a sub 3:30 marathon is very daunting!

He had run his first marathon on a whim when he was in junior college and finished in 2:47:14.

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Hi Steve, I remember reading your story on Runners World last year and I always feel so pleased to see you at races leading on
I was there too at Mad March, first time I’ve done 20m, training for my first Marathon in London, all going to plan.

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Looks like good progress Barry – good luck with your target at VLM. If I had to say one thing which has helped get my times down I would say “consistency”. If you can minimize the backward steps with time out from training then just putting in the consistent miles when you are new(ish) to running will always help. Your percentages look good to me, I also try and do at least one session a week where I’m putting a good few miles within one of my longer runs at my marathon HR (around 85%)., always seems to bring my fitness on no end

we would like to run some positive editorial on you. Can we publish your before and after images?

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The Comrades Marathon as grown from a modest, amateur and intensely local event to a race with substantial prize money, sponsors, international status, a 13 hr television broadcast, four day Expo and all the carnival that goes with a big city marathon. Between 12 and 15 000 runners enter the race each year, with the highest ever entry being over 24 000 in 2000. Of these runners, less than 20% are women and about the same proportion are novices. In 2005 the average finish time was 10:27 minutes for women and 9:55 for men. However the average finish times for both genders have increased by an hour since 1980. The average age of competitors has also increased over the same time, from 34.0yrs in 1980 to 41.6 yrs in 2005.

Ryan Hall DNFs at LA. Will he ever run a good marathon again?

The Comrade Marathon has been run eighty times and 76 768 people from around the globe have completed it at least once in their lives. Twenty nine (male) runners* have completed more than 30 Comrades Marathons and 2 567 have their green number, awarded on finishing the tenth race. The course records for the two races are 5:25 (Vladimir Kotov, 2000) and 6:11 (Elena Nurgalieva, 2004) for men and women respectively in the Up run and 5:24 (Bruce Fordyce, 1986) and 5:54 (Frith van der Merwe, 1989) for the Down run.

Congratulations!Please would you consider running the bournemouth marathon in aid of Parkinson’s?

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Runners have to qualify to run the Comrades marathon by completing a standard marathon in under 5 hours, or another ultra distance race where the cut-off time is dependent on the distance. Runners are then seeded for the start according to their qualifying times (Table 3).

Now you're no one until you've run a marathon in the Sahara..

My running buddy and myself are coming to the end of our 4 x half marathon challenge in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust (weblink above) and wanted to ask if you could offer a few words of encouragement and inspiration to the lad, Jaye Camacho, who we are ultimatley running for. Before being diagnosed with leukaemia earlier this year, he was a keen runner and managed to run at county level. It’s going to be a long journey back for him, but at aged 13 we all feel he can do it. Any advise or encouragement will be greatly received. Many thanks, James

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Hi Ed,
From my experience you can run a good marathon on the way to an Ultra if you are training for the Ultra (longer long runs and backtobacks) but it’s difficult to train specifically for a marathon and then try and add on an ultra afterwards.
Do the first option