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Tom West and Anonymous I understand all what you have said, I to have had these sites scared me at first , but I knew in my Heart I was chosen to believe in the power of the Spirit Owl and Hawk for me. I was told stories by My Indian family about the Spirits and 1 day I will feel the senses and I will learn more as I go thru life by these Spirits. I have always believed and have plenty of proof for them. As many times the owl meant a life change of Death– I lost my husband just before xmas dec. 2017. I heard the 3 hoots loud and clear and knew at that second what it meant. It is hard , but opened the window immediately to let his spirit out Peacefully. Amen to all whom can actually feel the love even though Death is upon you. Glad that your friend ( Owl ) showed up on the cross so you knew she was in Gods hands and okay. Ann

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The reason I’m getting them now, I’ve lately been equipped with a fancy set of hearing aids, and I’ve been sitting around up here listening, collecting country noises I’d almost forgotten because my hearing had grown so weak.Before breakfast I heard the soft Who, who, who-who-who of a great horned owl.

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