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Well, there isn’t anything cheaper. Well, actually, there is, but the cheaper stuff is often illegal, unsafe and unhealthy. I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to rent my room for 500$ because I know the person who owns the house and they have accepted me in the family. The real estate costs are driving the rental costs at levels where even renters won’t be able to afford it anymore. When a one-bedroom rent for one person can easily eat out 50% of your monthly income, there is something deeply, deeply wrong with the market.

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I don’t know about dating since I already have a partner–I really wasn’t looking into that at all.
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I have to do some scouting, but obviously finding a viable route other than the obvious one will be best. I just don’t think one exists because of security concerns.

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I’m originally from Vancouver but don’t live there now. The Vancouver that I remember, was the Vancouver of the early 1970’s and as one might imagine, things were so much different back then. Later on, my family and I moved to Toronto because of their work. I found that Toronto had the same economic problems there too. Finally, after many years of struggling, I decided to leave Canada’s shores and move to London UK. The job market was fine here for the longest time however, things have changed here too. It is a global problem with no jobs and the high cost of living is everywhere. For me, I would love to go back to Vancouver but could not afford to do so now in my life. The ideal situation would be to inherit millions of dollars, go back home and live in a nice area of Vancouver and live out the remainder of my years LOL!

If you have a large pile of money, you’ll do well here. Otherwise, look elsewhere.
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Bitter and paranoid or even being tactical is a virtue Being too trusting and open usually means you become a wide open target for every unscrupulous con artist and manipulator out there. It would be smart to not show off all your strengths and weakness upfront. Treat life’s social interactions like you are in a Poker game. You have to be Machiavellian. I make use of those mentioned web sites all the time. I don’t want to be the sucker left hold the bag or whatever it is.

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Vancouver is a beautiful city. The weather hardly drops below zero and every time I walk along Canada place I am often reminded that I live in one of the most beautiful places in Canada nay, the world. I have made plenty of friends here who happen to be struggling with this job market like myself. The transit system is the best I’ve seen in any city outside of London and New York. With all these great things why would anyone not want to live here? Well, I went to school to study Film & Video at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary. Within 6 months of graduating in 2007 I was I was able to accomplish more in Calgary than I have in my 2 years here. I took a trip to there last November and experienced a great feeling of nostalgia. It was a little cold but as I took a walk around the city it became more and more apparent that this is where my adult life truly began. My move to Vancouver, sadly, has not sent me back to where I was when I first graduated post-secondary in 2007. It has sent me back to when I graduated high school in 2003 (although I do have my own place which is eating away at my low income). If I ever hope to own a home, car and pay off my debts, etc., changing course to Calgary is most likely my most viable option. I wish you the best of luck. If you want to own a home and start a family don’t stay in Vancouver.

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Your thoughts on Vancouver made me smile, I’ve been living here almost continuously since 1994, when I was a kid and things were relatively cheap and housing prices not a concern it was a great place to live, bright lights, big city, all kinds of people. Now it’s all I can do to keep from simply dropping my things in the middle of my workday, going home, packing my truck and GETTING THE FUCK OUT FOR GOOD! This has got to be one of the most architecturally bland, soulless ripoff city I have ever even heard of. I think minimum wage in a McDonalds in some small town where there is real nature around without the detritus of the inconsiderate city dwellers all over would be an improvement. I hope when I leave this city gets flattened by a deluge of bombs. Leave all the potheads to smoke if you get what I mean. I can’t even remember what it smells like to breathe in the air without smelling that stanky weed. No thanks!