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Black Boy study guide contains a biography of Richard Wright, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

"'Black Boy' Quotes." ThoughtCo.

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Richard Wright’s Hunger: Analysis of Black Boy ..

Black Boy study guide contains a biography of Richard Wright, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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In class, another rebellious Black Boy asks Richard why he doesn't buy lunch. Learning that Richard needs a job, the boy tells Richard about a job selling papers. The papers are published in Chicago and the boy tells Richard the job's benefit: he can make money as well as read the magazine/comic strip that comes with the paper. With Granny's approval, Richard sells the papers in the "Negro area" for a dime each. reading only the magazine supplement. One day, a family friend who regularly buys the papers asks Richard if he knows what he is selling. The man sits Richard down, showing him the racist propaganda and the Ku Klux Klan articles in the paper. Disgusted with his own ignorance, Richard throws his paper away and never sells them again.

Physical and Mental Hunger in Richard Wright's Black Boy
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Throughout chapter one, as well as the rest of the novel, Wright places a special emphasis on the theme of hunger. Growing up in poverty, Richard is always hungry, yearning for food and left with a feeling of emptiness. This image of hunger is also used by Wright to display Richard's thirst for knowledge: he is hungry to learn about the world, to devour knowledge. This hunger for knowledge reflects the growth ­ or want of ­ of Richard as an intellectual and artist.

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The protagonist, narrator, and author of the autobiographical novel. Black Boy traces Wright's childhood growing up in the brutal and racist environment of the South where Jim Crow laws were enforced and prejudice was everywhere. As a young child, Richard had no sense of the tension between blacks and whites. He learns to be independent at a young age because of poverty; abandoned by his father, his mother is the sole supporter of the family. Richard is the victim of his own hunger, both physically and intellectually. His ability to write and yearning for an education separate him from his peers, and Richard sense an isolation from the entire black community. Maturing into an adult, Richard becomes aware of the social situation in the South and realizes that he must leave the South to achieve his goal of becoming a writer. He leaves for Chicago and becomes an active member in the Communist Party, where he learns that ignorance is not limited to race. In the end, Richard learns to rely on the power of the written word.

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When schoolchildren would leave their books on the sidewalk to go and play, Richard taught himself how to read various words. One day, his mother asks him to wait for the coal deliveryman while she and his younger brother were at work. Upon learning that Richard is unable to count, the deliveryman sit him down and teaches Richard to count to 100. When his mother sees that he can count, she encourages him to read and soon, he is able to read the newspaper. He learns to ask too many questions, and this way, learns about the relationship between blacks and whites. He does not understand how the distinction is made because his grandmother was very white and "never looked Œwhite'" to him. When a white man beat the black boy in the neighborhood, Richard becomes bewildered with confusion.

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While his mother is at work, Richard gets into mischief with other neglected black children, spying on people in the public outhouses. To keep her children out of mischief, Richard's mother sometimes brought the two boys to work. Richard wonders why the white people have food and he was left hungry.

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