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Humanistic psychology discards the notion that neither biological processes nor environment are the underlying cause of human behavior, and instead states that humans attempt to innately endeavor their full potential.

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This approach believes learning is viewed as a personal act to fulfill one’s potential.

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The basic ideas and concepts of biological and humanistic theories vary deeply. The major concepts in humanistic psychology are. First, present is the mainly significant feature of a person. Humanists look at the present and do not focuses on the past or even what will happen in the coming future. Secondly, healthy individuals have to take liability for themselves, in spite of the events. Third, every person possesses intrinsic value. Even depressing acts do not work against the worthiness of a person. Fourth, the accomplishment of personal development and positive is the solitary purpose of life. That only through self knowledge and self enhancement can some one be actually happy. Biological theories put more weight on the thought rather than feelings for self value. To start with, biological philosophers strongly believe that genetic make up decides an individual's personality. The basic ideas say that even though, biology plays indirect task in personality, the behavior an individual appears influences how he or she sees him or herself and how other people relate to him or her. This indirect task has an effect on how a person grows into an adult. Biological approaches also edify that aptitude and genetic material are determining factors for an individual's personality. Character and mental disability are also thought to be dogged by biology. Biological theories are more complex, whereas humanistic theories appear to be more simplified.

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Many researchers in the humanistic approach to psychology have noted the persistent motive within individuals to become competent in dealing with the environment.

What I'm really here to talk to you about today is the differences and similarities between Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and Humanistic Approaches!

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There are two biological factors that influence the formation of personality of an individual, heredity and environment factor. Inheritance of a trait is pertinent to individual's personality. Basically, individuals inherit a propensity towards a definite structure and propensity to function in definite ways, thus influencing the individual personality development. On the environmental factor, the contact between the mother and a child for biological fulfillment play an important function in personality growth. Care and love enhance a sense of protection and security. The level of indulgence of mother in feeding the child would influence the 'oral' personality and strictness on toilet guidance would lead to 'anal' personality. My personality is best described by humanistic theories, more especially Abraham Maslow's Theory of hierarchy of needs.

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This is an approach used to focus on personal growth and is used to treat phobias, personality disorders, and general anxieties.
Comparing the Two
What are some similarities between the two therapies?
What the therapies are used to treat are extremely similar!
Both therapies require participation and willingness from the patient in question.
Both therapies focus on awareness of the self.
Contrasting the Two
What are some differences between the two therapies?
CBT focuses on science while the Humanistic Approach is a more social matter.
Unlike Humanism, CBT is a form of cognition.
Final Thoughts
I think that...
While both therapies are effective in their own ways, I personally prefer the Humanistic Approach.

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Person Centered Therapy – also known as the humanistic approach to counselling; meaning the person or client is at the centre of the therapy and that the experiences of the client are met with a non-judgmental approach by the therapist....

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When thinking about a key event in regard to different personality theories, I felt that I could most relate that key event of my life to the humanistic and behavioral theory.

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Though, humanistic and biological approaches to personality assessment occasionally appear to be conflicting, they are also as admiring. From the discussion neither biological nor humanistic approach is better, as both approaches can substantial explain the personality assessment. Assessing personality helps in understanding as to why definite areas come easily in life, and others call for great efforts.