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The report, titled "The Human Rights Record of the United States in 2016," was released by the Information Office of the State Council, China's cabinet, in response to "the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2016" issued by the U.S. State Department on March 3 local time.

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The official gopher of the United Nations. Human Rights and other UN information.

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This page contains names of human rights organizations, other organizations doing substantial amounts of human rights work, and resources (such as libraries and internet-based information) of use to human rights activists and researchers.

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A good source of information for Human Rights researchers is theHuman Rights Research mailing list. This list is closed, which meansthat the list owner must approve you for membership.

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, these are some of the bravest women in the human rights world.

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The Fletcher School of International Relations at Tufts Universityhosts this collection of international and multilateral treaties and agreements, many of them concerning human rights.

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The International Student Festival in Trondheim, Norway, has as its theme this year Human rights. Most of this page is in English, and it has a number of links to other resources.

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"Wielding 'the baton of human rights,' it pointed fingers and cast blame on the human rights situation in many countries while paying no attention to its own terrible human rights problems," it says.

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Links to an enormous amount of United Nations, United States, and nongovernmental organization (NGO) human rights documents. Many documents posted here appear to have been scanned and not proofreadprior to posting, so expect some typos and scanning anomalies.

BEIJING, March 9 (Xinhua) -- China published a report on the ' human rights situation on Thursday.

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A project of the Urban Morgan Human Rights Institute at theUniversity of Cincinnati College of Law and the Schell MemorialHuman Rights Institute of Yale Law School to put up SGML/HTMLversions of all international human rights instruments andextensive bibliographies on human rights.

China's report says that the United States poses once again as "the judge of human rights".

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Reebock International is the only corporation I know of which activelysponsors human rights activities of its own. The Reebok Human RightsAwards Page contains brief biographies and photographs of humanrights activists all over the world.

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Peacenet is the first and largest international computer network for activists in peace, human rights, and related issues. These WWW and gopher sites contain information about a number of human rights, peace, environment, and other "progressive" (mostly liberal/leftist) issues.