Hugo Chávez and the Bolivarian Revolution

Workers Power’s initial assessment was closer to the mark. Far from creating a situation of “dual power” or prefiguring a socialist republic, the communal councils are multi-class formations whose chief function is to strengthen Bolivarian bonapartism by tying the popular masses to the capitalist state via the presidency.

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“The strength of Hugo Chávez, and the secret of his success, is that he embodies the revolutionary aspirations of the masses and gives voice to their deep desire for a fundamental change in society. He has awakened millions of people to political life and for the first time has given them hope of a change, a sense of dignity and purpose.

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In endorsing “comrade President Chavez” prior to the December 2006 presidential election, Alan Woods pompously lectured those who lacked faith in the Bolivarian Bonaparte:

Woods blames the Bolivarian shift to the right on “reformists” who filled the head of the glorious leader with bad advice:

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Rather than focusing on the commanding heights of political power, seeks to demystify Venezuela’s complex revolutionary process by highlighting its largely subterraneous history - a history that has only recently emerged into the light of day, and to which this book is a big contribution.”

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the book is a wonderful contribution to breaking stale discussions of state/society relations in revolutionary contexts and should be required reading, not just for students of Venezuela, but also for those of revolutionary societies more generally."

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While PDVSA and state officials sought to distance themselves from the gratuitous brutality of the police, the incident graphically illustrates how the “Bolivarian” state apparatus serves the bosses, as well as how the division between the interests of labor and capital is just as real in PDVSA as in the private sector.

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Many rallied to his cause, calling themselves “chávistas”; the mass movement necessary for a Bolivarian revolution was born. Chávez’s death prompted a massive outpouring of grief from his supporters, as he was the personification of a new dawn, of hope reborn in the eyes of many Venezuelans.

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The redistributive policies of the Bolivarian government, and Venezuela’s booming economy, have meant rising living standards for most Venezuelans. Unemployment has been reduced by half since Chávez took office, and now officially stands at 7 percent, with a majority of the workforce presently employed in the “formal” (as opposed to underground) economy. Social programs have also expanded considerably:

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