This is the prettiest taco salad I have ever seen! Delicious!!!

I asked Jessica if I could share her taco salad technique here, as she’s made this recipe famous for our family and so many friends. It’s highly adaptable and bursting with personality and hospitality, just like my beloved sister.

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Ha ha, we both made Dorito Taco Salad the same week. I love this salad!

It is so easy to make hard taco salad bowls at home

When I got home I immediately googled it and a bunch of recipes came up that looked similar to the salad I was still dreaming about. I couldn’t wait to lighten it up with my own spin and share it with you all. I love the taco seasoned meat flavor with nacho cheese crunch of Doritos and the sweet, tangy, tomato-ey Catalina dressing. The original salad I tasted used French dressing, so you could certainly use that instead. Feel free to get creative and experiment by adding in additional ingredients if you like – beans, corn, black olives (will affect nutrition info). I kept it simple and it came out amazing, but there are tons of ways to customize it to your own tastes.

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Jessica’s Taco Salad with Creamy Taco Dressing is bursting with fresh veggies, plus taco seasoned beef and crunchy, nacho cheese-y, irresistible Doritos.

mmm taco salad is right. So many fun variations! I want to try them all. 🙂

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When sticking with Trim Healthy Mama versions of taco salad, you do wave goodbye to corn chips (unless you can find baked blue corn chips, but those seem to be as rare as unicorn teeth). However, you can enjoy low carb tortillas, baked into one of THESE:

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Armed with this info, you can go forth and enjoy countless Mexican creations and be confidently on plan. I like to start with a healthy serving of greens as the base for ALL of my taco salads. FAR healthier than the base of chips that I used to use. I like to cut my lettuce into fine shreds for this for family meals. If I’m throwing together lunch for myself, I just grab a handful of lettuce out of the pre-washed lettuce container that lives in my fridge.

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I like to incorporate black beans and cilantro into my taco salad, but it seems that these two ingredients are the most likely ones that people might dislike. So…I always serve them on the side, for people to add as they wish. Same goes for the sour cream, guacamole and/or avocado, and lime wedges. Again, these are all optional.

Oh my goodness I am dying over this salad. I am a LOVER of taco salads, this one looks incredible. Love the way she serves it. Beautiful!

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I love your chart for the Taco Salad Three Ways….it is so helpful for starting out on THM Plan. Do you have one for side salads with the different meals. Being new to THM i get confused on what should go on salads with the different meals. I know it is easy to make them crossovers. A chart for the fridge would be helpful while still trying to read through the book.

This taco salad is incredible!! WOW I am just loving all the vibrant colours and fresh flavours going on in it.. I have to make the recipe!

I want to make the taco salad but it reads a little bland to me!

By far the best taco salad I have ever eaten. Holy crap. Very filling and even my salad-hater hubby LOVED it. The lime/cilantro/cumin/chili in dressing combined with the meat is quite savory.

I’ve seen this made with ranch dressing as well. I love ranch, but I’ve always prefered this salad with the Catalina dressing!

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Today, I’m sharing a FUN FIND for making THM Taco Salads, a VENN diagram of Trim Healthy Taco Salads. Which is a great visual for how to make a taco salad one of 3 ways: S, E or Fuel Pull.