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@Daughter-Fish, you are SO cute in this! I have such a problem because need smaller cups, so usually those styles don’t work for me, but I can try this.. If pretty please you can as @Mary-Ellen asked, tell us where you like to shop in NYC? I used to have a shop but it was years ago and now I can’t find it again! Thank you so much

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The QuizMoz “Are You a Good Daughter?” is devised to see what a good daughter you are

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Lay your front bra piece on a flat surface, . Position your bra cups on the front bra piece. Make sure the bra cups are positioned so that they’ll nicely fit your boobs once you have the bra on. I always hold the cups up to my girls to get the right angle, and then mimic that placement on the front bra piece. Generally, I place the top of my bra cups about 1 inch below the neckline; the center of the cups generally fall about 2 inches below the V of the neckline. I place the cups 1/2 to 1 inch apart. (I use a B to C size cup.)

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I think this could be done if you used a solid color that matched up to the existing top and just made the bra insert technique portion that you use for your tops. Binding the edges may be the only drawback I foresee.
Also I love this tutorial because my daughter loves her lowback tops and dresses but hates showing her bra (which i agree is tacky) so now I can play around with this and make her tops and dresses better. Thank you.

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Hi, I’m italian and i loved your special Tshirt, but how could you do a built in bra if you are a 40 dd ! can you give me some method to sew a good bra in dresses…I ‘de like to try to sew it:)

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[...] Add bra cups into the garment. Imo this doesn’t give much support unless the shirt is tight as well, but it can help prevent the boobs from slipping out. You may want to test this with a mockup and see how tight you need the straps to be to get a good hold. [...]

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